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July 2010



It's stupid editorial time

The Natchez (Mississippi) Democrat, in an editorial calling for a statewide ban on synthetics like “spice” that are intended to provide effects similar to marijuana…

Calling it legal shouldn’t make it so


Apparently the Natchez editorial staff has bought into the premise that illegal is the default position in this country.

We think a […]

Treatment industry afraid to discuss legalization

Press release from LEAP:

Federal Drug Agency Bans Pro-Legalization Police Group From Conference

SAMHSA Doesn’t Want Views Expressed at Treatment Event in Chicago

CHICAGO, IL — A group of police officers, judges and prosecutors who support legalizing and regulating drugs is crying foul after a federal agency reneged on a contract that gave the law […]

Jane Hamsher on marijuana legalization in an immigration debate

FDL’s Jane Hamsher did a great job of re-directing a segment on Arizona’s immigration laws to ending the war on marijuana.

Via Scott Morgan

Georgia on my mind

Georgia becomes first country to sign Vienna Declaration

The First Lady of Georgia announced at a breakfast event at the AIDS 2010 conference today that Georgia would sign the Vienna Declaration, the first country to do so.

Good for them! (Have you signed it yet?)

Several organizations, including Drug Free America Foundation, have […]

Rehab as a source of addiction

Powerful new article in Time by the always excellent Maia Szalavitz: Does Teen Drug Rehab Cure Addiction or Create It?

Increasingly, substance-abuse experts are finding that teen drug treatment may indeed be doing more harm than good. Many programs throw casual dabblers together with hard-core addicts and foster continuous group interaction. It tends to strengthen […]

Jeff Sweetin teaches us about the Constitution

The outspoken head of Denver’s DEA operation that clashed with medical marijuana laws in that state, is leaving Colorado for a new assignment. He has been considered by many to be an over-zealous anti-marijuana fanatic, who ignored the new Attorney General’s guidelines.

However, he points out that any replacement is likely to be as bad.


About getting high...

There’s been some discussion about the piece regarding the “panic” over sound that gets you high.

Of course sound can get you high. And you don’t need special tones playing in static. Just listen to the right album when you’re in the right mood…

And somewhat lost in the discussion is the fact that we’ve […]

Why Mark Kleiman is a crock

Let’s start with Mark Kleiman’s new OpEd in the Los Angeles Times:

California can’t legalize marijuana

There’s one problem with legalizing, taxing and regulating cannabis at the state level: It can’t be done. The federal Controlled Substances Act makes it a felony to grow or sell cannabis. California can repeal its own marijuana laws, […]

Oh, to be in Vienna!

Dr. Julio Montaner, President of the International AIDS Society supports the Vienna Declaration

Remarkably, there is also a critical mass of scientific evidence regarding the unintended negative consequences of policies based exclusively on drug law enforcement. We have to recognize that the war on drugs has not only failed to reduce illicit drug supply […]

AIDS 2010, and Three Former Presidents sign Vienna Declaration

This Sunday is the beginning of the AIDS Conference 2010 in Vienna, and a critical part of that conference is going to be some powerful discussions about the drug war.

Former Presidents Denounce Drug War Ahead of AIDS Meet

No, sadly it’s not Carter, Clinton, and Bush. It’s the former Presidents of more enlightened countries…