It’s stupid editorial time

The Natchez (Mississippi) Democrat, in an editorial calling for a statewide ban on synthetics like “spice” that are intended to provide effects similar to marijuana…

Calling it legal shouldn’t make it so


Apparently the Natchez editorial staff has bought into the premise that illegal is the default position in this country.

We think a citywide ban is a good start; however, ultimately to stamp out the stuff, it needs to be banned at the state level.

Call it whatever you’d like, but if the stuff provides a “high” like marijuana, it should be treated under the law as one and the same.

Ah, yes, if it’s banned at the state level, that’ll “stamp out the stuff.” And that’s worked… when?

Also apparently, anything that creates a “high” like marijuana should be treated as a criminal offense. Better get ready to arrest everybody. Starting with everybody in church that gets moved by the Spirit.

Note: Commenters there really slammed the editorial staff. Nice.

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17 Responses to It’s stupid editorial time

  1. Chris says:

    If I remember correctly spice is already illegal in the US because it contains CP 47497. Stuff like K2 only contains JWH-018 as far as I know.

  2. amber waves of lame says:

    Everything for the state, nothing outside the state, nothing against the state. Only follow orders. Conform like a rugged individualist. Be unique just like everyone else.

  3. Chris says:

    Also, everyone that looks at research chemicals always points out the “Not for human consumption” label as if they’re putting it on there because they know the product is harmful. No, it’s just the only way they can sell it legally because if it was sold as a drug it would be subject to FDA approval (which obviously, any recreational drug that isn’t alcohol or tobacco would every succeed). It would be really nice if there was a separate status for recreational drugs so that headshop owners could answer questions like “How much should I take? What are the risks?” etc. But no, we don’t have drug laws that make sense.

  4. claygooding says:

    We have attacked the drug war in the wrong way and the biggest evidence of it is the name. If the country had gone
    with harm reduction and prevention education we would not now have a federal bureaucracy that has grown so powerful that they can dictate policy.

  5. Just me. says:

    YAY !! Another substance that can ruin your kids life due to arrests !! Now if we could just ban that evil internet….

    Oh wait..they working on killing that to…

  6. Mike R says:

    The worst part about it all is, these synthetic cannabinoids are the only means that most researchers have of studying the effect of cannabinoid activity in the brain. There’s a lot of research now surrounding the JWH series and potential use in transdermal patches used in treatment of various cancers.

    No worries for smokers though. The stuff is made via an extremely simple synth with common precursors. It give off no oder when burned. There is no standardized drug test for this stuff yet either (big “yet”). A mesealy 5mg is all that is required for effect. You would have to be pretty irresponsible (or in a car) to get busted.

  7. bobreaze says:

    Not surprising. I forsee my home state beeing the next state to ban synth-MJ. Oh well ill enjoy it why i can. Personally they should just mandate an age restriction and add a tax.

  8. demonlung says:

    I am willing to volunteer to test out the effects of marijuana.

  9. Duncan says:

    Within the last two weeks a drug testing lab announced that they now offer a test for these drugs.

  10. claygooding says:

    Drug testing is getting on the money train,the anti-drug coalition is picking up the banner and the cartels are shopping for the materials to start producing and all it took is the the word “prohibit” to kick it off. What a country!!!!!!!

  11. paul says:

    Spice is another prohibition drug. Nobody would bother with Spice if MJ was sold openly. Same goes for Mephedrone and a variety of other analogue drugs that has got the UK in a tizzy.

    The UK is trying to solve the problem by simply banning any substance that gets you high, even if the law has never encountered it before. I don’t know if they’ve passed that law yet or not, but I remember it being proposed.

    This seems like it would be hard sell in America, but ever since the UK became a police state, these sorts of laws make more sense. It is like the old question, how do you tell if a photo is pornography, and the judge who said,”I know it when I see it.” Now authorities in the UK know it when they see it, too.

    This story is a good reminder that everyone ought to remember the media is essentially part of the opposition. Not entirely, but mostly. Every time the government comes up with the brilliant idea of bailing out a newspaper, you should oppose the idea. It’s not like it would create a conflict of interest or anything (cough!) but why would you want the government to pick your pockets to pay for a media outlet propagandizing against the issues you care about?

  12. claygooding says:

    Well I know alcoholics that drank vanilla flavoring because it is about 100 proof. Good smelling drunks???

  13. ezrydn says:

    “In fact, possessing it or selling it is a violation of federal law.”

    Wrong. IN FACT, it’s legal in 14 states! And that number might double after November elections. There’s so much BS in this story, it wasn’t even worth registering into to shread it more than those who already have started.

    I hold any story suspect when there’s not a name attached to it. “The Editorial Board” isn’t a bonefide name, as far as I’m concerned. That’s a subscription I would immediately cancel for there’s no news nor fact-based reporting going on there.

  14. claygooding says:

    Latest Angus Reid Poll: 52% of America Want Marijuana Legalization

    Finally we are in a majority!

  15. claygooding says:

    Pete,please check out what jobs would be created by hemp and marijuana being legal. With our economy still in a comatose condition,the banner of “Job Creation” instead of pushing taxes might get more support from the population than giving the government more money which they will just bail out the rich with. Jobs benefit the masses while taxes benefit the few.
    We are a majority now and any increase in jobs will bring even more supporters.
    If you could get an article out on it I will help you spread it around.
    Just a thought while I am packin my pipe,,,,,

  16. ezrydn says:

    Maybe Uncle Sam will tell people that the reason they get to see the original Declaration and Constitution at the Smithsonian is because they’re written on “that stuff.” LOL

    With all the “going green” talk I keep hearing, I wonder why someone in CA hasn’t picked up on Jobs angle. And we’re not talking about turning everyone ito a farmer, either!

    What would George Sr have used to jump out of his plane, if not for… Sailors throghout history have thrived off of what’s called “gruel,” mashed cannabis seeds in a soup. Lubricant, other than fuel in a year round continuous source. And clothing that lasts and is comfortable.

    This is what people DON’T hear!

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