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Racism without racists

As a follow-up to the California NAACP endorsement of the marijuana legalization referendum… There have been a several loud outcries against the California NAACP, some claiming that the NAACP has no business in this question, given that marijuana legalization is … Continue reading

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It’s where the money is

This article by Justin Scheck in the Wall Street Journal really points out why law enforcement is so opposed to any loosening of marijuana laws. hasta County Sheriff Tom Bosenko, his budget under pressure in a weak economy, has laid … Continue reading

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How many countries can afford to build submarines?

Drug traffickers can. Ecuador authorities seize drug-smuggling sub The vessel utilized twin screws and was diesel electric-powered, the agency said. It was about 30 meters (98 feet) long and nearly 3 meters (nine feet) high from the deck plates to … Continue reading

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