Reading is fundamental

Some really good reading:

bullet image President Obama’s war on his own ‘youthful irresponsibility’ by Gene Healy in the Washington Examiner

[Thanks, Tom]

bullet image Unthinkable? Repeal drugs laws — a very strong editorial by The Guardian.

bullet image ONDCP on the defensive as drug war exposed to mainstream media critique — an excellent point-by-point takedown by Danny Kushlick at Transform

bullet image Pot laws just put criminals in charge by SSDP’s Amber Langston in the Columbia Daily Tribune

[Thanks, Tom]
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6 Responses to Reading is fundamental

  1. Just me. says:

    Heres more proof that no matter what the federal government does, kids will find ways of getting “High” .

    My Link

    So what now? Make eyeballing illegal, a federal offense? Just one more thing to ruin peoples lives. No matter the “drug” , there will be those who will find another way around the “law”. K-2 , salvia, eyeballing,lockerroom, even smoking seeds from common weeds, that “high” will be found…..legally…til its made illegal…then on to the next “high” is found.

  2. permanentilt says:

    “Maybe that explains the rest of young Barry’s yearbook page, with its “still life” featuring a pack of rolling papers and a shout-out to the “Choom gang.” (“Chooming” is Hawaiian slang for smoking pot.)”

    Is this true? Or just some Conservative BS? If true, that is awesome.

  3. nobody says:

    I don’t know if you can tell, Pete, but the whole thing’s falling apart, at a rate I’ve never seen before.

  4. Cannabis says:

    You mean like this?

  5. Duncan says:

    permanentilt, the Urban Dictionary defines ‘choom’ as ‘to smoke weed’ as well as some other stuff.

    It was friggin’ 1979. Since I graduated high school in the class of ’78 I can easily see it as presented. 1978 was the year that cannabis use peaked in the US. Everybody that wasn’t a total social outcast at the very least pretended to smoke cannabis in 1978. Gosh it makes me feel old that the POTUS was a year behind me in school.

  6. denmark says:

    Sorry to say I don’t see that nobody. I read everything possible and pay close attention as ending the war on drugs is a Top Priority in my life. There’s been progress, however that’s measured in terms that do not satisfy me.

    Maybe this will do something more, not sure.

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