Patrick Corcoran, writing in Mexidata: The DEA and its Fallacious Reasoning on Drugs in Mexico

As you pick apart comments like [U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration’s intelligence boss Anthony] Placido’s, the futility of the DEA’s objectives comes into ever-starker relief. An actual death blow for drug traffickers en masse in Mexico is about as likely as a dinner of unicorn tacos. Beyond body shots and other ephemeral victories, once you look further into the future, whether Calderón or his polar opposite is in power in Mexico, whether ten capos a year are arrested or zero, the results of the drug war can be measured only by different magnitudes of failure.

[Thanks, claygooding]
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  1. kant says:

    I want a unicorn taco…does it come with guacamole seasoned with fairy dust?

  2. claygooding says:

    When you realize that with the Mexican Army is now patrolling and searching the main growing areas for cartel leaders and are not eradicating the crops,the stopping of marijuana being exported into the US is not on their agenda. They have steadily been down sizing their estimates
    of the billions of dollars that America is spending on marijuana and increasing the amounts being spent for other drugs,why?
    It is not the Mexican governments intention to stop the drugs coming out of Mexico and the only reason they are trying to find the cash coming in is so they can confiscate it,the same way our drug enforcement cops are doing. Nobody wants to kill the golden(green)goose.
    All Calderon wants is control of the green market,not the ending of it. That is exactly why he will be talking to Obama this week,he wants assurances that the US is not going to legalize marijuana and end his countries

  3. claygooding says:

    PS,the link to the article has shut down and not just from this site. I tried it from several other sites and the page will not load. HMMMMMMMMM

  4. Paul says:

    Although I think it is unlikely, it is actually possible the Mexican army can defeat the drug smugglers, or at least bring them down so far they are no longer a major problem.

    Individual drug cartels CAN be militarily defeated. If you shoot enough bullets into somebody, no matter how badass they are, they always die. But short of nuclear strikes that kill everyone in South America, the drug trade is immortal. The Mexican army may be able to push the trade out of Mexico. This is the best they can hope for through military means.

    But I don’t even think they will succeed in Mexico. There’s just too much money and too many people involved. I just wish that politicians on both sides of the border could accept this as fact and move on to other, less violent solutions, like legalization.

  5. claygooding says:

    When the cartels are putting beans on more peoples tables than the government,how long before a war on the cartels are perceived by those same people as a war on them and it becomes a revolution?
    Revolutions have started on situations similar to Calderon’s actions throughout history and if the Mexican government is defeated,how do we make peace with the new Mexican government,after giving Calderon helicopters,armored vehicles and millions of dollars to kill the cartels?

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