It’s always the Sadomoralists – Mark Souder to Resign

Family values conservative and sadomoralist Mark Souder (R-Ind) to Resign Amid Allegations of Affair With Staffer

Eight-term Rep. Mark Souder was announcing his resignation Tuesday after admitting to an affair with a female aide who worked in his district office.

Souder, who will step down on Friday, said in remarks obtained by Fox News that he “sinned against God, my wife and my family by having a mutual relationship with a part-time member of my staff.”

Since Souder was the one who pushed for students to lose financial aid if they had “sinned” in the drug area, I wonder if he will forego all future financial benefits from his government service since he “sinned” while he was a Representative.

Ha! I crack myself up sometimes.

Good riddance. Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on your way out. I only wish the taxpayers could bill you for the damages.

[Thanks, Scott]

Update: Link

“Personally, I really don’t care what Mark Souder does in his private time,” said Tom Angell, a former senior SSDP official who’s now with Law Enforcement Against Prohibition. “But now that he’s made a big mistake of his own, I hope he’ll begin working to undo the harsh drug laws he has championed and that have prevented people from moving on with their lives after making mistakes. I’m sure that the more than 200,000 students who have lost college aid under Souder’s Higher Education Act drug penalty would be glad to have his lobbying help now that he’ll have some more free time.”

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44 Responses to It’s always the Sadomoralists – Mark Souder to Resign

  1. My arm is bruised from pinching it so many times to make sure I wasn’t dreaming…

  2. By the way, Pete, it’s nice to see you’ve overcome your discomfort in reporting the sexual escapades of those involved in the drug policy arena.

  3. norris hall says:

    News reports say that the congressman’s zipper got stuck and his female aide ran smack into him. Continuously. And over a long period of time. It was all just harmless accidents.

    Seriously. These family value Congressmen all seem to have the same problem with their zippers.

    Of course, liberals aren’t any better at the zipper thing. They just don’t run on a campaign that says “My zipper is always zipped”

  4. ezrydn says:

    Ya ever notice how you find the “high and mighty” in the gutters after-hours? Or, the men’s room at the airport? Markie has shown us the level of pity he has and if it’s good enough for us, it’s good enough for him.

    If Congress want’s to show their morality, then pass legislation that this sort of conduct disqualifies anyone in Congress from receiving benefits. THAT’S MORAL!

  5. Pete says:

    Nice try, Daniel, but there’s a big difference. What I’m reporting here is hypocrisy. Personally, if a political leader isn’t making a big deal out of morality as the reason for forcing their views onto others, I don’t care about their sexual exploits — that’s between them, their family, and local law enforcement (if appropriate).

  6. paul says:


    I’ve noticed that too, and it just can’t be a coincidence. The more they rave about immorality, the more methinks they doth protest too much 🙂

  7. Duncan says:

    Celebration time, c’mon! 😀

  8. Lee says:

    For an extra bit of schadenfreude here he is with his mistress talking about abstinence

  9. No, Pete, and with all due respect, there is no difference. You wrote not one word regarding Rob Kampia’s sexual escapades, citing discomfort in discussing what you considered a private matter. Even the damage done by the (self-described) hyper-sexualized Kampia; a dramatic decline in MPPs funding of groups like SSDP, and the disgust expressed by many inside the rank-and-file, didn’t get a mention.

    You could have very easily reported that Souder was resigning due to personal matters, and left out the sordid details. Yet you took apparent glee in the fact you “crack myself up sometimes,” and then piled on by wishing the taxpayers could bill Souder “for the damages” as his ass got whacked by the door on his way out.

    I love you, brother, but to paraphrase Gump: Hypocrisy is as hypocrisy does.

  10. NCC Mike says:

    Well then, given the predilection for politicians to portray the public polar opposite of their private peccadilloes – Souder, Ensign, Craig, Spitzer and a plethora of others across the spectrum – then I guess that it’ll come out one day that Ol’ Dave was a midnight toker.

  11. Pete says:


    I love you, too, but get a grip, please. Rob Kampia never once made it a point of his job to judge others based on their sexual behavior or any other behavior. Souder did. That’s where the hypocrisy lies. Plain and simple. Textbook definition.

    Please re-read my post. My “cracking up” had to do with the notion that Souder would follow his own advice on not accepting money from the government. It had nothing to do with his sexual escapades. “The damages” also had nothing to do with the sex, but rather the legislative damage that he caused.

    I don’t care what people do sexually and I don’t care what people put in their bodies. If Mark Souder had fucked a truckload of underage blind circus midgets, and had not been a sadomoralist, I wouldn’t care (OK, so I might raise an eyebrow) and I certainly wouldn’t talk about it here (although I sure hope there would be repercussions).

    I’m mostly consistent (while being human) and this is my blog. If you want to talk about Kampia, please do, but don’t tell me who I’m supposed to talk about.

    I’ll tell you another secret. I know of a number of drug policy reformers who break the law on a regular basis, and I have failed to out them on this blog. I suppose that could be scandalous if it came out and might hurt the reputation of drug policy reform, but since they don’t tell me what I can do with my body, I don’t consider that something to talk about. However, if a politician who passed laws putting people in jail for smoking pot was caught doing that, I’d have plenty to say here.

    That doesn’t make me a hypocrite either.

  12. Just me. says:

    LOL Funny thing this. If we wait long enough , all these clowns will hang themselves and save us the effort of fighting their idiocy. Eh, one can hope.

  13. Daniel says:

    @Just me.

    LOL Funny thing this. If we wait long enough , all these clowns will hang themselves and save us the effort of fighting their idiocy. Eh, one can hope.

    unfortunately with these clowns – like fallen “kingpins” – there’s always more waiting in the wings.

  14. claygooding says:

    Thank God and Greyhound your gone you worthless piece of dog excrement. The only better news we cold have heard was if Grassley got mixed in with your personal possessions when you were packing and he was gone too.

  15. Well, Pete, I’m glad we’ve established the fact of our mutual love. But perhaps you also need to get a grip.

    True, Kampia, unlike Souder, has never told us what to do with our bodies. But that is cold comfort to those MPP women put in the awkward position – no pun intended – of being lorded over by Rob. We’ve come to expect, regrettably, our elected leaders to exhibit such failings, and on a number of levels. But as has been said here and elsewhere many times, we must take great pains to be on the side of angels. But being on the side of angels does not negate the need to speak of the fallen angels among us.

    Almost everyone inside drug policy reform breaks the law, with drug laws being the most prevalent offense. Yet NORML, while saying we should be able to smoke a joint without legal repercussions, still advocates criminal sanctions against those who deal cannabis. Where does NORML think we get our joints – the pot fairy? No, we get our weed from those with a few pounds stashed in their garage willing to risk their freedom to allow the rest of us ours.

    While NORML may not be technically telling us what to do with our bodies, it sure as hell tells the government it’s OK to throw more than a few of them in jail. I imagine that such attitudes hurt the reputation of drug policy reform, hence your silence and that of other leaders inside drug policy reform regarding NORML’s hypocrisy.

    While it is human nature to revel in the misfortune of rivals, and I’m as guilty as you or anyone, it is also human nature to believe in a doctrine of fairness. Until such a doctrine is equally applied (including to a truckload of underage blind circus midgets), hypocrisy will continue to be the norm rather than the exception.

  16. Alex says:

    Adios Souder. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy.

    Daniel E. Williams: You’re kind of going off on a random tangent, are you not? Is there really any point in having a battle about who is more rigorously consistent? Strikes me as exactly the type of meaningless internecine squabbling that folks on the same side of an issue allow to build beefs that waste time and energy. But whatever floats your boat….

  17. claygooding says:

    What Kampia and Souder have done is done in every work place across America. Women have been subjected to sexual harassment and assault by their employers and supervisors since women entered the work force. This is nothing new.
    But it is especcially significant with Souder because if I remember correctly,Souder was one of the loudest protesters about Clinton’s blow job,and was one of the main ones that wanted to prove that Clinton got a blow job,and we spent 50 million dollars proving it. Hell,for 50 mill,I know a couple of gals in Dallas that would give
    us all a blow job.

  18. Alex, I fail to see anything random in my post. On the contrary, I believe I’m working inside the strict confines of talking about hypocrisy.

    I believe it is important to have discussions inside one’s own camp, especially when strategies and tactics differ, and when the actions of leaders have real and, especially, negative consequences.

    You may believe exposing the hypocrisy of NORML’s position, and the inability to speak honestly, albeit critically, about it and the MPP sex scandal is nothing more than internecine squabbling and a waste of time. But if that floats your boat, happy sailing. Just don’t expect me to sign on for the cruise.

  19. ezrydn says:

    While everyone gets bogged down in general semantics, I’d like to say that the story is the best birthday present I could possible wake up to, at this point. Now I gotta get busy claiming all the “discounts.” LMAO

    The story was all I needed.

  20. Happy Birthday, ezrydn. And your point is well taken. Cheers!

  21. Bruce says:

    Just off to the left, out of the frame, is Pete’s galaxy.

  22. denmark says:

    Happy Birthday Daniel. Your points are well taken and I, being female, am pleased to hear of your disgust over Kampias’ actions.
    My dissatisfaction with MPP began long before Kampias’ sex ca-rap came to light and when I realized the medical marijuana bills MPP was creating were less than desirable. Then Bruce Mirken left, one of my favorites, then it was two or three board members quit after Kampia was allowed to come back after a three month leave without pay. (off topic: but do ya’ think the cops who commit questionable crimes while on duty get no pay?)

    Anyway, … it’s best to let it go now as the government would absolutely LOVE to Divide and Conquer the various (which is too many in my opinion) pro Legalization groups out there..
    Pete is right in defending his stance, his blog, and staying silent about questionable activities within the movement.

    Divide and Conquer, please contemplate that.

    My goodness …………….

  23. denmark says:

    Sorry, Happy Birthday ezrydn

  24. EZ: happy birthday brother!

    pete: underage midgits — minor slip (i get the point), but ouch!

    souder: good riddance you fascist asshole — hope your cock falls off.

    carry on.

  25. Shap says:

    Christmas came early this year. Just saw on CNN that the affair was with a woman that interviewed him about his support for abstinence-only education. Today may signal his political death but the day he actually dies will be an even better day.

  26. claygooding says:


    MSNBC is trying too get in on the debate,finally

  27. claygooding says:

    oops,the link directly to the video is: Link

  28. denmark says:

    Besides that, what woman in their Right Mind, would want to have an affair with this ugly creature?
    He IS completely and totally unattractive to me.

  29. claygooding says:

    Hey Pete,want too share the phone number of the truckload of midgets? (j/k) Souder was on the oversight committee that has repeatedly handed ONDCP any and all funds for their budget and when proponents would ask questions,good questions,he always answered with stupid prohibitionist answers that answered nothing. I believe he is the one Kap mentioned that would break up intelligent inquiries with questions about cannabis causing men to grow breasts.
    Our efforts just had the road smoothed considerably by his leaving our government.
    The hearing recently was the first time any oversight committee has actually asked a drug czar for any information on the continuance of failed policies or questioned them about their effectiveness.
    I just wish we could see the written questions from the committee and Kerli’s responses. It will also be interesting to see how long it takes Kerli o answer the committee’s questions. Is there any way we can find out those written questions Pete?

  30. clay, we’re all likely to be very disappointed about how easy it will be for the drug czar to pretty much keep on doing what they want. i’m afraid that ethan nadelmann has basically told the drug czar that he should shift the money away from supply interdiction and into “prevention and treatment.”

    as it turns out, the latest NDCS says they are planning to do exactly that: so get ready to be drug tested constantly — all in the name of “zero tolerance” disorder. we’ll be providing samples in a wide variety of new ways at every opportunity they can think of — and it’s all pretty much detailed on pages 1 and 2 of the latest NDCS.

    these fuckers ain’t going anywhere without a fight — a big one.

  31. ezrydn says:

    Thanks, guys, for the congrats. I often wondered if I’d ever make it this far. Now, it’s just gravy.

  32. allan420 says:

    gravy AND biscuits buddy… Happy b’day!

  33. MtLawnFan says:

    What a sanctimonious jackass. I am from Indiana (however, not from the third district) and must emphatically state that this Hoosier does NOT share former-Congressman Souder’s “values”. Hypocritical moralists should be publicly kicked in the nuts. The line starts behind his wife. Thanks to those of his ilk, I am a multiple felon for possession of a very small amount of marijuana and can, therefore, never receive any government aid. Now, if I had cheated on my wife, molested children, or murdered someone…..noooo problem. Good riddance.

  34. Just me. says:

    Happy Bday EZ ! Now put the rubber to pavement and enjoy your day.

  35. ezrydn says:

    Would you believe I spent the best part of yesterday having a ECG? Had a TIA last Friday. Small one, no lingering effects. Pumps down to 25% efficiency. On top if it now. Guess I need a Warranty extension. Just another battle for me to face.

    The cardio asked, “Can you stop smoking?” I said, “With the help of Cannabis, YES!” He smiled. He knows I can and will. My goal currently to to stay in “GO” mode til I can peacefully and legally smoke a joint in California. I may not have long to wait.

  36. kaptinemo says:

    EZ, Happy belated B-Day! It had to be a sweeter day with the news of Mad Markie doing the Hypocrite Hopscotch.

    It’s always been an article of faith with me that those who make the loudest noises about their ‘virtue’ are the ones that have the most to hide. Given Markie’s extreme views, I figured that something like this would happen.

    “How the mighty are fallen”…just not far enough to suit me.

  37. Kozmo says:

    It’s becoming a daily event in DC that some “morals” crusader is exposed as the hypocrite they truly are. Thank the Flying Spaghetti Monster another a$$hole has been shown the door.
    Would not surprise me in the least to find that Souder was tootin a little blow off the young lady’s breasteses. Funny how these turds are never “sorry” for their outrages until caught.

    To quote Markos Moulitsas “Wonder which gay marriage was the one that destroyed Mark Souders’ traditional marriage? “

  38. BluOx says:

    As someone said earlier, the woman must need glasses. Maybe she was attracted to His Repugnancy’s (((sadomoral-power))). They are both hypocrites and she should go too.

  39. Randy says:

    Evidently, moral demagogueing by a man is a turn-on for some women.

  40. Ripmeupacuppa says:

    Daniel, It’s very clear by the cheap way you’re attacking Pete that you don’t love anybody but yourself, so to also paraphrase Gump: jerkness is as jerkness does.

  41. Nhop says:

    I heard on the radio the other day that some congressman from Indiana was resigning due to scandals, but thought at the time that it couldn’t be Souder; that would be too lucky. Imagine my pleasure to find out that it was Souder!! Excellent news… and thanks Pete for keeping the spotlight on this ass for the last few years. What great news…!!!

  42. ezrydn says:

    Are ya keeping up with Markie? He’s trying to repackage the word “adultery.” He’s trying to spin his way out of his own screw up.

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