Drug Free

Used to be, we had all these “drug free” goals — you know, like the 1986 crime bill that said we’d be drug free by 1995. Then Newt Gingrich said we’d be drug free by 2001. The U.N. said the whole world would be drug free by 2008. And two years ago, the Governor of West Virginia was going to make the state drug free.

Of course, none of these dim bulbs even knows what they mean by “drug free.”

But recently, we haven’t been hearing “drug free” very often. Even the stupid ones have come to realize that not only is “drug free” a meaningless impossibility, but that the public ain’t buyin’ it.

No, you have to travel to crazy-land to find someone selling that line these days.

A spokesperson for Church of Scientology International, Rev. Adams said that despite billions poured into “the drug problem” by governments, meaningful demand reduction will only come about “by involving everyone and bringing on all solutions, starting with education. No single group or government can do it alone, but together we can rid our communities of drugs in a single generation.” (PRWeb)

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  1. Just me says:

    yup crazyland

  2. Jeannie says:

    The whole point is throw the weight behind drug prevention rather than criminalization and law enforcement. How many kids get into trouble on drugs because they don’t know what they’re getting in for? I don’t see how you could object to their getting information.

  3. Chris says:

    Nope, this is lala land.

    “No single group or government can do it alone, but together we can rid our communities of drugs in a single generation.”

    This is entirely impossible in every way, as saying it is just as crazy as saying the sky is not blue.

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  5. Pete says:

    Jeannie — Any effort that claims a goal of a drug-free world is already operating in a fantasy land. It’s like saying, let’s save lives by having a sex-free world. It’s just not going to happen, and any strategy developed based on that misconception is going to fail.

    Sure, we’re completely for education and prevention rather than criminalization and law enforcement. But the education has to be reality-based. We have to stop lying to kids, or it’ll do no good.

    I have not yet met someone who is calling for a “drug-free” world who is truly advocating for real education. If you are, then that’s great, but you’re the first. For most, it’s a call for abstinence and demonizing drug users, rather than informing and arming kids with the truth.

  6. strayan says:

    The closest we will ever get to drug free is tobacco free – and that’s because it’s a legal drug we can tax with minimum age laws, advertising bans and pack warnings.

  7. Free Drugs says:


  8. bob dobbs says:

    You’ll never get rid of drug use, not in a million years. The only reason Scientology plagiarized Nancy Reagan’s lame “Just Say No” campaign is to distract from the money-making scam they have set up as a religion.

  9. kaptinemo says:

    The thing that always gets me with drug prohibitionists is their Pollyanna-ish refusal to look at the historical record concerning the verifiable failure of every attempt at prohibition. They always tend to believe (with a naivete that would be touching in a child but worthy of contempt in an adult) that they will be the first to achieve the impossible.

    The continual refrain heard from drug prohibitionists is that, just like the Horse in Orwell’s 1984, with more work, more work, more work, (and of course, more taxpayer’s dollars) the impossible can become probable. Anyone who read that book knows what happened to the poor Horse…and what the Pigs who led the Horse actually thought about working it to death. The equally cynical ‘Pigs’ of the anti-drugs bureaucracies feel the same way towards their Horse-like astro-turf ‘concerned citizens’ groups; the term ‘useful idiots’ immediately comes to mind.

    Indeed, if you examine the motivations of most drug prohibitionists, you make a startling realization: what they seek is to an astounding degree similar to Communism: a system of enforced conformity and adherence to a doctrine (or dogma, if you like) that has no place for individual human expression…save that approved by those in charge.

    Since humans have, from time out of mind, used various psychoactive substances to alter their consciousness, such practices can be regarded as such human expressions…and needless to say, are considered ‘out of bounds’ by those who want enforced conformity…and most of all, obedience. Whether the impetus comes from religion or from secular sources, the intent is always the same: Do as I say…or else.

    H. L. Mencken once wrote “The urge to save humanity is almost always only a false-face for the urge to rule it.” This, then, is the true origin and intent of drug prohibition. And regardless of whether the rationale for drug prohibition is theological or secular, that desire to rule is never far behind the eyes of those who promote it.

  10. claygooding says:

    Screw them,grow your own.

    For anyone that has never read it,here is Jack Herer’s
    book,The Emperor Wears no Clothes.


  11. ezrydn says:

    “We’ll save you from drugs even if we have to kill you to do it.”

    THAT, in and of itself, is the ONLY mantra the Prohibs have EVER chanted. Therein lies proof positive of their objective.

  12. Duncan says:

    Frankly I wish they’d start working toward a bug free world. Gosh I hate insects! Let’s put all the drug warriors to work an the ONBCP or the BEA! Useful insects like maggots and leeches can be raised in controlled environments until needed. ‘Bug free in our lifetime’, now that’s an impossible task I can get behind.

  13. chris says:

    I think you mean animal farm kaptinemo

  14. “We’ll save you from drugs even if we have to kill you to do it.”

    THAT, in and of itself, is the ONLY mantra the Prohibs have EVER chanted. Therein lies proof positive of their objective.


    And this occurs at the time that cigarettes of adulterated, misbranded virginia crap bright leaf rules markets!

    It was and is ALL about CRIMINAL MERCANTILISM.

    Free Cannabis, Coca, Opium and Free Choice.


  15. kaptinemo says:

    Oops, my bad. Yes, I did mean Animal Farm. What I get for being distracted.

    But I was also thinking of the ultimate end of where our drift into fascism will lead us. The kind of end that was the result of Communism in places where it had been employed, with its’ soul-killing sameness rigidly enforced ‘for your own good’. Which has always been the excuse of the tyrant.

    Whether those tyrants wore Mao jackets, Papal robes, clerical collars…or three-piece suits and sat in offices paid for by taxpayers in (putative) democracies…it makes little difference. Their goal is the same, regardless of their indignant claims otherwise. Cookie-cutter society…with them the ones molding the ‘dough’ of real live people into a form more pleasing to them…and they don’t care how much blood and misery results from the process.

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