Drug Policy Reform Conference

reform-conferenceThe Drug Policy Reform Conference is coming up November 12-14 in Albuquerque, NM.

I really wish I could attend. Unfortunately, work requires me to be in Baltimore at that time. I really loved the last one in New Orleans — what a great time to connect with other drug policy reform leaders from around the world. I did quite a bit of blogging from that conference, and right now, I’m looking for one or two people to guest-blog the conference, so those who can’t be there can follow along.

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4 Responses to Drug Policy Reform Conference

  1. Osborne Perry Anderson says:

    Keep it in mind. May be driving through the area if I go help barry cooper run for texas attorney general?

  2. It’s almost certain that I’m going to attend the conference in New Mexico. I could most likely find the time to do some blogging to help you out.

  3. Denise Lang says:

    Peace and Justice of La Luz (pajoll) members Denise Lang and Ken Nicholson are in Albuquerque for the Conference. Yesterday, we attended the last few hours of the Harm Reduction workshop. New and sensible models were shared that focused on public health approaches instead of moral or law & order. They pointed out that most drug use is not drug abuse, that incremental change is normal.
    Exciting to be here and looking forward to a full day today, ending with a Vigil for victims of the War on Drugs.

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