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September 2009



Today Show discovers successful women pot smokers!

Wow. The Stiletto Stoners piece was powerful, and it’s got legs. Next stop, The Today Show, where they actually say that pot is better for thinking than alcohol, and that the biggest problem (although not that big) is that it’s illegal.

Sept. 30: Psychiatrist Dr. Julie Holland and Joanna Coles from Marie Claire magazine discuss […]

Family Guy as U.S. Policy

If only it were so…

Venezuelan state TV today broadcast an excerpt from “Family Guy” as an example of how the U.S. promotes drug use. The clip features Stewie, the matricide-obsessed infant son of Peter and Lewis Lois Griffin, singing a song extolling the virtues of smoking weed.

“We can observe how [the U.S. government] […]

Marc Emery Open Thread

Prince of Pot’s Sentence Reeks of Injustice and Mocks Our Sovereignty, Ian Mulgrew, Vancouver Sun

Emery’s Jail Term Longer Than for Some Violent Crimes […]

It is a legal tragedy that in my opinion marks the capitulation of our sovereignty and underscores the hypocrisy around cannabis. […]

He is being handed over to a […]

It’s all how you report it

A couple days ago, I gave you a bunch of links about the drug policy conference held in El Paso last week. With the last minute dropouts of the Drug Czar and the Border Czar, the conference had turned into a predominately reform-minded group, including LEAP, SSDP, local officials, and others, with admittedly varied views […]

Marijuana. Harmless?

Derrick Humbert was wanted on a warrant for possession of marijuana. After being pulled over during a traffic stop, Humbert got out of his vehicle and ran. An officer used his Taser to end the chase. Humbert was taken to the hospital where he died.

And these irresponsible legalizer druggies claim that marijuana is […]


The Coalition for a Drug Free California had a daylong conference to discuss how to stop marijuana dispensaries.

More than 20 community leaders, elected officials and law enforcement officials met at the Ayres Hotel to discuss the reality of shutting down or stopping dispensaries, co-ops, collectives from opening.

It seems this poor, beleaguered group […]

Changing views on incarceration?

So Governor Quinn has decided to release 1,000 nonviolent prisoners in the State of Illinois.

The Chicago Sun-Times, in an editorial, slammed him… but not for releasing the prisoners.

Quinn was right to take the first long-overdue step in Illinois to reduce the state’s massive prison population. Thousands of inmates are no more than drug […]

Planning for those holiday parties

I’m not even sure what I think of this.

MADD announces an exclusive license agreement with Hill Street Marketing Inc. to produce a line of alcohol-free beverages, MADD Virgin Drinks, which will provide American consumers with a delicious and socially responsible alternative to alcoholic beverages.

Part of me celebrates the option (I’m all for […]

10 Drug Policy Goals

LEAP member and active drug policy reformer James P. Gray (a Superior Court Judge and author of Why Our Drug Laws Have Failed: A Judicial Indictment Of War On Drugs), has an interesting OpEd.

He’s trying to put together a list of common goals that prohibitionists and reformers should have to show that prohibition is […]

Open Thread

President Uribe says the drug war isn’t working because we haven’t gone after the consumer enough.

We believe that instead of advocating for the legalization of drugs, we must reflect on the need to make consumption illegal. There is no coherence between the severity facing production and trafficking and the permissiveness of consumption. This […]