Today Show discovers successful women pot smokers!

Wow. The Stiletto Stoners piece was powerful, and it’s got legs. Next stop, The Today Show, where they actually say that pot is better for thinking than alcohol, and that the biggest problem (although not that big) is that it’s illegal.

Sept. 30: Psychiatrist Dr. Julie Holland and Joanna Coles from Marie Claire magazine discuss why some young professional women are turning to marijuana to help them unwind.

[Sorry about the Hulu, but that’s how NBC shares their clips. Hulu tends not to be available outside the country, although this site may have a workaround.]

See more on this at The Raw Story [Thanks, Servetus]

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13 Responses to Today Show discovers successful women pot smokers!

  1. Osborne Perry Anderson says:

    Excellent news! Hopefully Matt & the Today Show will stay on top of this trend in an honest fashion… free from reefer madness and the snide stoner stereotypes. How immature, rude, and insulting they can be sometimes. 8 million woman smoking responsibly… begs the question how many men? Curious what the ‘Today Show’ responses where? Matt asked the guests about the article responses and said most were positive with a lot of folks saying me too, Sweet!

  2. truthtechnician says:

    Coming out of the closet will be critical to the movement’s success IMHO.

  3. It’s on YouTube as well. Should be more accessible than Hulu:

    It’s just great. I hurried a mail to a Danish women’s magazine. Gotta spread the word.

  4. Steve Clay says:

    Osborne, SAMHSA’s number of past year women users doesn’t imply “smoking responsibly” any more than it implies abuse. It’s a good story, I just want to make sure we’re not cooking the books like the drug warriors.

  5. kaptinemo says:

    Allow me to pick my jaw up off the floor before someone steps on it.

    I can’t believe it. A mature and rational discussion on cannabis, without the canned and brain-dead rantings of professional DrugWarriors and Big Pharma ‘concerned parents’ cat’s-paws. I’m in shock, shock I tell you!

    What next, a debate between those lovely ladies and the foaming, fuming (Calvina) Fay? Oh, Holy Void, make it so! They’d mop the floor with her in 5 minutes.

  6. kaptinemo says:

    I just went to the RawStory Website, and right under this very well written and level-headed argument to the contrary, and immediately below it I found a prohib blipvert saying “They said Marijuana wasn’t addictive. They lied”. Oh, boy, talk about cognitive dissonance enough to cause your head to explode!. LOL!

  7. One Fly says:

    Did I hear 2-3 hundred a month for a half an ounce? That is a lot to me. I couldn’t smoke that much even if I wanted to.

    That amount is a negative in my opinion.

  8. Osborne Perry Anderson says:

    @Steve:) Thanks Steve I hear you and get your point… I’m all for full disclosure too. Check & Balances on everything especially our politicians and laws. However, I have a broad libertarian view of responsible behavior. Not driving impaired, not raping my neighbors dog, or killing my parents for drug money sounds responsible too me. If you are exercising your rights w/o doing harm to others, etc.. you’re responsible enough to stay out of jail in my book. If 8 million woman were acting irresponsibly, well, I want to know where they are! But if irresponsible behavior was going on as the prohibitionists define it there should have been a surge in violent crime… by women? I guess it depends on the definition of responsible… has anyone other then the libertarians defined it?

  9. Osborne Perry Anderson says:

    @One Fly:) That is expensive… probably black market premium prices for city dwellers that don’t have much choice. But country boys never pay those prices… that’s just crazy… damn I could buy 1/2 a horse or cow for that kinda dough. Give a country boy a couple of seeds, make some worm pooh and fish fertilizer, and a country boy can grow pounds for less than $50! Whether the stated amount is a lot to smoke depends on the smoker & the individuals chemistry… the same way different alcohols can effect people differently. I’ve been smoking, responsibly, since ‘75 and my intake would obviously be different then perhaps you or steve… the younger smoker? Also consider some mmj smokers have to smoke endlessly to get the medical efficacy they need. Guys name escapes me, was in exile in canada, ran for governor in California as libertarian, anyway, thought I heard him say he smoked something crazy like 8 packs a day to keep himself alive. The amount varies in my opinion thx:) Damn, better hit the hay suns up in 4!

  10. If the people interviewed are indeed very wealthy women I’m sure that most of the weed in question go through a lot of hands before reaching them. Their wealth and the long commercial chain would raise prices considerably.

    Didn’t one of them say half an ounce. That’s something alright, but not excessive on a monthly basis. It’s about half a gram each day. It’s not so bad, I think.

  11. Osborne Perry Anderson says:

    @Jesper:) Personally I would like to see parody parity [edit] between those that homebrew alcohol and those that home grow. Not sure how it would equate but seems fair and reasonable to me. Federal law allows the following, tax free for personal use: 5 gal. per adult / per mo / per household. In my case that’s 15 gal per month for myself and 2 adult woman. Which if measured would probably exceed what the religious rehabbers now consider alcoholic drug abuse which they define as: 2 beers per day or a total of 6 per week! Essentially all of nascar nation and every ‘joe six-pack’ out there. Parity is the least we should accept… in my opinion:)

  12. Grag says:

    I hope I’m not the only person LITERALLY crying over the joy I get from hearing other people say how weed is not a big problem… By the way, I don’t think I ever heard a good argument about why cannabis is illegal.

  13. Pete says:

    Grag, you mean other than this one?

    Of course, if you really mean that you have never heard a good argument about why cannabis should be legal, that’s because there isn’t one.

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