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Drug-free work week, er, half-week

The drug czar’s getting kind of lazy with his “blog.” Apparently somebody decided that they should post something today encouraging people to get involved in drug-free work week, which begins began… Monday. Shoot, only one week to be drug-free, and … Continue reading

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A shout-out to the women

Kathleen Parker writes of Reefer Sanity in the Washington Post, and notes a shift that we’ve talked about here… But the shift toward a more sensible national policy is no longer confined to the left. Nor is the long-haired stoner … Continue reading

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Daily Show on the Drug War

Their introduction says it Good news, hippies! President Obama will not be arresting medical marijuana users who comply with state laws. That’s right, the potheads are soon going to be roaming the streets, treating their cancer and glaucoma willy-nilly in … Continue reading

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