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Drug Policy by Amy Winehouse’s dad

After years of UK governments studiously ignoring every scientific report about drug policy, a home affairs select committee hearing, chaired by Keith Vaz, turned to the real expert: Amy Winehouse’s dad. Marina Hyde has a very amusing take on it … Continue reading

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George Will on marijuana being legalized

On ABC’s “This Week with George Stephanopoulos, the discussion go to the topic of marijuana… the country is “probably in the process now of legalizing marijuana,” conservative columnist George F. Will said > And a bit later in the program: … Continue reading

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Peter Moskos in the Washington Post

An excellent OpEd feature article by Peter Moskos: If it’s on the shelves, it’s off the streets (in the Sunday Magazine) In this piece, Peter talks about his studies of drug policy in Amsterdam, compared with his experiences as a … Continue reading

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