We’re number one again!

Yes, the United States leads the world once again, and I’m sure when they go up to the podium to accept their award, the first one thanked will be the War on Drugs.

That’s right — the latest worldwide incarceration figures are out.

The United States has the highest prison population
rate in the world, 756 per 100,000 of the national
population […]

Almost three fifths of countries (59%) have rates below
150 per 100,000. […]

More than 9.8 million people are held in penal
institutions throughout the world, mostly as pre-trial
detainees (remand prisoners) or as sentenced prisoners.
Almost half of these are in the United States (2.29m),
Russia (0.89m) or China (1.57m sentenced prisoners). […]

Prison populations are growing in many parts of the
world. Updated information on countries included in
previous editions of the World Prison Population List
shows that prison populations have risen in 71% of
these countries.

Check out the numbers…

rate per 100,000 population Total incarcerated
USA 756 2,293,157
Russian_Federation 629 891,738
Rwanda 604 58,598
St_Kitts_&_Nevis 588 232
Cuba 531 60,000
Virgin_Islands_(US) 512 555
Virgin_Islands_(UK) 488 117
Palau 478 97
Belarus 468 45,416
Belize 455 1,334
Bahamas 422 1,400
Georgia 415 18,170
American_Samoa_(US) 410 236
Grenada 408 367
Anguilla_(UK) 401 55
Bermuda_(UK) 394 261
Cayman_Islands_(UK) 380 207
Barbados 379 1,030
Kazakhstan 378 56,012
French_Guiana/Guyane_(France) 365 746
Suriname 356 1,600
Dominica 348 254
Maldives 343 1,125
South_Africa 335 164,297
Greenland_(Denmark) 334 188
Puerto_Rico_(US) 330 13,215
Botswana 329 5,917
Israel 326 22,788
Ukraine 323 149,690
Neth._Antilles_(Netherlands) 319 713
Guam_(US) 318 559
St_Vincent_&_Grenadines 317 376
Chile 305 51,244
St_Lucia 303 503
Antigua_&_Barbuda 299 208
Panama 295 10,036
Latvia 288 6,548
Aruba_(Netherlands) 277 277
Taiwan 276 63,370
Seychelles 270 221
Trinidad_&_Tobago 270 3,510
Singapore 267 11,768
Tunisia 263 26,000
Guyana 260 1,955
Estonia 259 3,467
Thailand 257 166,338
Mongolia 244 6,593
United_Arab_Emirates 238 11,193
Lithuania 234 7,866
Swaziland 231 2,546
Azerbaijan 229 19,559
Brazil 227 440,013
Moldova 227 8,130
Turkmenistan 224 10,953
Iran 222 158,351
Poland 221 84,321
Libya 209 12,748
El_Salvador 208 14,682
Mexico 207 222,671
Jersey_(UK) 203 186
Costa_Rica 198 8,924
Gabon 196 2,750
Namibia 194 4,064
Uruguay 193 6,947
Malaysia 192 50,305
Martinique_(France) 191 763
New_Zealand 185 7,887
Uzbekistan 184 48,000
Czech_Republic 182 18,901
Cape_Verde 178 755
Jamaica 174 4,709
Guadeloupe_(France) 174 790
Mauritius 171 2,223
Morocco 167 53,580
Dominican_Republic 165 16,457
Réunion_(France) 161 1,307
Honduras 161 11,589
Macau_(China) 161 894
Spain 160 73,687
Lebanon 159 5,870
Albania 159 5,041
Algeria 158 54,000
Kyrgyzstan 156 8,427
Luxembourg 155 745
Argentina 154 60,621
Gibraltar_(UK) 154 43
England_&_Wales 153 83,392
French_Polynesia_(France) 153 404
Scotland 152 7,893
Northern_Mariana_Is._(US) 151 131
Colombia 149 69,689
Hungary 149 14,911
Slovakia 148 7,986
Peru 146 41,745
Lesotho 144 2,701
Hong_Kong_(China) 143 10,434
Turkey 142 101,100
Cameroon 139 22,734
Zimbabwe 136 17,967
Bulgaria 134 10,271
New_Caledonia_(France) 133 326
Saudi_Arabia 132 28,612
Kenya 130 47,036
Kuwait 130 3,500
Australia 129 27,615
Isle_of_Man_(UK) 127 97
Ecuador 126 17,065
Myanmar_(Burma) 126 65,063
Cook_Islands_(NZ) 126 27
Brunei_Darussalam 124 486
Romania 124 26,551
Jordan 123 7,500
Zambia 122 14,347
Serbia 122 8,978
Sri_Lanka 121 25,537
China 119 1,565,771
Canada 116 38,348
Vietnam 116 98,556
Tanzania 113 43,911
Guernsey_(UK) 113 74
Tajikistan 109 7,350
Greece 109 12,300
Armenia 109 3,520
Philippines 108 91,530
Montenegro 108 734
Nicaragua 107 6,060
Macedonia_(F_Yug_Rep) 107 2,200
Fiji 106 892
Monaco 105 36
Burundi 104 9,114
Portugal 104 11,017
Netherlands 100 16,416
Samoa 99 186
Ethiopia 98 80,000
Paraguay 97 6,031
Korea_(Republic_of) 97 47,097
France 96 59,655
Bahrain 95 701
Malta 95 387
Austria 95 7,909
Iraq 93 27,366
Croatia 93 4,127
Belgium 93 10,002
Italy 92 55,057
Madagascar 91 17,495
Germany 89 73,203
Uganda 88 26,273
Northern_Ireland 88 1,562
Egypt 87 64,378
Mayotte_(France) 85 179
Sao_Tome_e_Principe 83 160
Yemen 83 14,000
Cyprus 83 671
Bolivia 82 7,682
Kiribati 82 88
Oman 81 2,020
Venezuela 79 22,000
Malawi 78 10,830
Marshall_Islands 78 47
Ireland 76 3,325
Switzerland 76 5,715
Sweden 74 6,770
Tonga 74 86
Haiti 71 6,370
Cambodia 71 10,337
Laos 69 4,020
Norway 69 3,276
Papua_New_Guinea 69 4,056
Bosnia_&_Herzegovina_Federation 67 1,750
Micronesia,_Fed_States_of 67 72
Benin 66 6,083
Republika_Srpska 66 928
Togo 65 3,200
Slovenia 65 1,317
Finland 64 3,370
Japan 63 81,255
Denmark 63 3,448
Kosovo/Kosova 62 1,300
Djibouti 61 384
Syria 58 10,599
Indonesia 58 136,017
Dem._Repub._Congo 57 30,000
Guatemala 57 7,477
Côte_d’Ivoire 55 10,621
Ghana 55 12,736
Qatar 55 465
Pakistan 55 90,000
Senegal 53 6,425
Mozambique 53 15,000
Vanuatu 53 117
Angola 52 8,300
Bangladesh 51 83,000
Niger 46 5,709
Iceland 44 140
Solomon_Islands 42 211
Timor-Leste 41 320
Guinea_(Conakry) 37 3,070
Andorra 37 30
Sudan 36 12,000
Chad 35 3,416
Mali 33 4,407
Sierra_Leone 33 1,899
India 33 373,271
Gambia 32 450
Comoros 30 200
Afghanistan 30 9,600
Liberia 29 1,022
Central_African_Rep. 29 1,233
Nigeria 28 39,438
Mauritania 26 815
Tuvalu 25 3
Nepal 24 6,700
Burkina_Faso 23 2,800
Faeroe_Is._(Denmark) 23 11
Nauru 23 3
Congo_(Brazzaville) 22 900
Liechtenstein 20 7
San_Marino 0 1

Note: This table does not include special notes and sources. Consult the original document for more information.

[Thanks to Grits for Breakfast where Scott notes that Texas by itself could easily be considered the world’s leader in incarceration rate.]

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12 Responses to We’re number one again!

  1. David says:

    Do you know how much it costs, on average, to support each prisoner per year?

  2. Pete says:

    The figures vary by state and by how the costs are computed, but the best figures I’ve seen put it at around $25,000-$26,000 a year per prisoner.

  3. R.O.E. says:

    That is just sad. We imprison more people than a communist country called >CHINA< for gods sake! A country ,need I remind , our government is always bashing for its human right violations. LOL. What a sad world we live in.

  4. Osborne Perry Anderson says:

    Makes me want to #2!

    Worse, we know the who, what, when, where, and why of it and still can’t get those damn prohibitionist monkeys off our backs!

  5. Duncan says:

    The solution is to swear half the population in as peace officers, and then handcuff the other half of the population to them. Crime and prison overcrowding problem solved!

  6. Nick Zentor says:

    Pete, if you are really concerned with this issue, you should provide links in your sidebar to november.org and prisonsucks.com, both sites cover the drugwar and prison population issue.

  7. Nick Zentor says:

    The November Coalition: http://www.november.org

    Incarceration is not an equal opportunity punishment:


  8. Nhop says:

    In California it costs about $47,000 per inmate/year. This number goes much higher if you consider inmates who need medical care. Corrections costs were last year 10% of the states general fund, ie, 10 % of state taxes, for CA taxpayers.

  9. dmac says:

    Per the report, most of San Marino’s criminals are held in Italian prisons. What did that one dude do to get imprisoned in the most serene republic?

  10. John says:

    Yay! We’re #1!
    But we must maintain hyperviligence to keep our esteemed position, other countries are breathing down our neck.

    We should take immediate action to prohibit the horribly addictive gateway drug caffiene. And we should do it right this time. Instead of mollycoddling abusers with penalties insufficient to actually stop anyone from offending, and then having to toughen the laws later, let’s start out with CSA Schedule Zero, First Strike You’re Out – life in prison.

    USA! USA! USA!

  11. DdC says:

    Morality is always the product of terror;
    its chains and strait-waistcoats are fashioned
    by those who dare not trust others,
    because they dare not trust themselves, to walk in liberty.

    — Aldous Huxley

    Christian Extremism and Terrorism In History

    Bush’s Born-Again Drug War
    Religion has also been the theme of several new high-profile anti-drug campaigns launched by the administration. In 2003, just months after being tapped by Bush to head the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), Karen Tandy threw her weight behind a grassroots anti-drug campaign called “Pray for the Children.” The group’s website maintains that, “The power of prayer is unequaled” in influencing adolescents from refraining from drug use. Regarding her endorsement of the program, Tandy explained, “Drug abuse is a scourge that attacks a person’s soul as well as body, so it’s fitting that the solution should engage the soul as well.”

    Ganjawar: Prison Slave Labor, Rape & Pillage Deterrent
    At the same time, the United States blasts China for the the use of prison slave labor, engaging in the same practice itself. Prison labor is a pot of gold. No strikes, union organizing, health benefits, unemployment insurance or workers’ compensation to pay. As if exploiting the labor of prison inmates was not bad enough, it is legal in the United States to use slave labor. The 13th Amendment of the Constitution states that “neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted shall exist within the United States.”

    ‘Relax Your Muscles as Much as Possible’

    What’s life like in our prisons for those marijuana convicts? Let’s steel our nerves and go visit the Web site http://www.spr.org, where the Los Angeles outfit “Stop Prisoner Rape” has posted the little plain-talking handbill it has prepared for young men entering our prison system, titled “For Prisoners: Advice on Avoiding HIV/AIDS.”

    The group’s handout — targeted primarily at heterosexual men who have no desire to ever be involved in homosexual activity — advises:

    “HIV/AIDS transmission during a sexual assault is a serious concern. The following are practical tips for reducing your risk. …

    “If you have a choice, try to avoid men who used needles for drugs in the past or are still doing so. … The more often you are raped, the more exposed you will be, so especially try to avoid anal gang-bangs. The most dangerous situation of all is if your anus is bleeding, for that allows easy entry of the virus into your bloodstream. So try to use a lubricant or grease or cream if you can to minimize injury to your delicate internal body parts, avoid anal gang-bangs, and if you must endure forced anal penetration, try to relax your muscles as much as possible. These tactics are not ‘cooperating’ or consenting, they are just common-sense measures to try to save your life.

    “In many situations you are better off agreeing to do something (masturbating, oral sex, sex with a condom) rather than just resisting until you are overwhelmed and forced to deal with unprotected anal sex from one or many guys. You may feel you should resist to the end, but that would put your life in danger. There is no shame in doing what you have to do to survive; nothing changes the fact that rape is involved and you are not morally or legally responsible for it; these compromises are just pathways to your survival. It may even be to your advantage to develop skills in oral sex so that guys you have to deal with will be satisfied with that alone. Don’t feel guilty about it; you’re just trying to save your life….”

    Feeling pretty comfortable now with what the legal system is doing to these 77,000 nonviolent pot-smokers in your name? (And those are just the ones who end up doing hard time, mind you. Remember, 646,000 were arrested in 2000. Do you suppose most of them had a nice, restful night in jail? Do you realize, if their families spent a few thousand dollars apiece on legal fees, that adds up to more than a billion dollars, and taxpayer costs for lost police time are several times that?)

    Still going to tell me that treating them in this manner is just the way you show your “compassion” as you seek to “protect them from the health risks” of lighting up a joint, not to mention “sending the right message to the children”?

  12. DdC says:

    We’re number one again!
    Hey its a frickin business selling a Ganjawar.
    What’s all the mystery?

    $25k x 2,293,157 = $57,328,925,000.00 taxible profits.

    “Narcotics police are an enormous, corrupt international bureaucracy … and now fund a coterie of researchers who provide them with ‘scientific support’ … fanatics who distort the legitimate research of others. …

    The anti-marijuana campaign is a cancerous tissue of lies, undermining law enforcement, aggravating the drug problem, depriving the sick of needed help, and suckering well-intentioned conservatives and countless frightened parents.”
    — William F. Buckley,
    Commentary in The National Review, April 29, 1983, p. 495

    Lies Our Drug Warriors Told Us

    Booze Prohibition was just a business, selling oil, same as Iraq, no bid contracts for teabog ditti corporations, same corporations perpetuating the Ganjawar. Same business tactics to rid them of competition. $300,000,000.00 in Hemp products sold last year, not grown by family farmers, Indians or Mexicans instead of freaking out Texacans and Lou Dobbs. Just business, and the business of gullibles arguing over hobgoblins perpetuating it. ConPromises on flat out lies. Sheep appeasing their political dictates.

    Selling the poor to private cages bringing more taxes than minimum wages. Its a frickin job, don’t ask, just do what your told and keep it going. Then elected lobbyist cowards mouthfart teabog ditties into paying for it. Jerking off their plastic flags made in Thailand slave labor camps. Kids breathing toxins while their teabog parents cheer on Monsanto acid raining it down upon them. Or spraying poisons on cotton, aborting bible belt babies and what do the brainiacs thimktankers debate, future soothsayings, ms cleo blabberings of how to control what isn’t even real?

    Can’t state the facts that 98% of the pot eradications in the US are wild unkept ditchweed. Non psychoactive burlap and yet lets ConPromise 215 with a SB420, cause the stupid fucking cops carrying loaded weapons keep getting confused, and then cry for exactness and teabog tie wraps to make some of the action. Cowards and Traitors locking up neighbors your proud DARE graduate turned in, while peeping in their bedroom windows. Be proud teabog dittie drug worriers.

    Sending your jobs off on NAFTA gravy trains. Textiles shut down, Monsanto frankencotton killing India without our insolence. Could process Hemp in the same teabog states. Or for car parts in Detroit, Hemp wood in Orleans. Nutritional supplements in the grease and lardburgers. Same buyers clubs for adults if not for the politikan and self appointed moralist “believers” Dressed in chemical smells, botox smiles, suit and tie bubblegum. 200 sects of Christians blaming the other ones, no accountability, in the real time real world at least. Or Moose and Legionaries, Elks and Masons asleep at the wheel. looking for uniforms with name tags and rank. Blind allegiance to B movie actors pisstasting their kids out of college tuition.

    While the suits steal the tax funds and the corporate media points to the poor and the Hippies to blame. How many join them and say they want Freedom? Say they want to end the wars and yet still buy from the same DEAth Merchants. Hypocrites aren’t exclusive of GOPerverts and DNCrats. Both sides make a Ganjawar happen and both sides profit arguing over red herrings and semantics while true Patriots rot in cages. The Ganjawar is over… Go Home!

    Same ole shit different teabog ditties!

    Henry Ford
    originally made his cars to run on ethanol, so farmers could create their own fuel. (He saw farmers really as his customers originally, since nearly all of us were farmers. Along comes John D. Rockefeller, who wants people to use oil. He provides money to the anti-alcohol movement in order to make Prohibition a reality, and stop the ethanol fuel industry and promote the use of fossil fuels.

    The Elkhorn Manifesto

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