Why we can’t have industrial hemp

Cops and the DEA have constantly said that industrial hemp is too dangerous for the U.S. to grow (denying farmers a potentially profitable crop, and forcing us to import any hemp products). They usually come up with some bizarre justification, like the notion druggies will hide marijuana crops inside the hemp fields (total nonsense because of the problem of cross-pollination, which would create worthless offspring).

What it really boils down to is that they want to be able to search and destroy anything that looks like marijuana, without having to do, you know, police work.

Just look how tough the job is for cops in other countries…

It was an anonymous tip that set things in motion. A quick view from a helicopter was enough for the confirmation. The Lelystad (Netherlands) police was certain: the 47,000 plants in this illegal hemp plantation, hidden in the midst of a corn field, would be worth about $6 million, when sold as weed. So there was only one thing they had to do: ruin the plantation, as soon as possible.

Yesterday they worked their way through about half of the plants as a couple of researchers from Wageningen University showed up. They were flabbergasted. Why on earth would the police kill all the plants they had been growing for so long and handled with so much care? Why would they destroy their contribution to innovation in the natural fiber industry? Slowly the policemen became aware that what they thought was the raw material for a lot of hash, in fact was an academic test site for new textiles.


Update: Once again, Scott Morgan and I independently write essentially the same damn post.

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5 Responses to Why we can’t have industrial hemp

  1. BruceM says:

    You’d think law enforcement would actually support legal hemp because they could say it looks just like marijuana so they would have probable cause to search any place that is legally growing hemp. You have a hemp plant, they can search your house. You have a hemp farm, they can search your farm, house, barn, etc.

    It would be a legal act that provides probable cause – and every court in the country would uphold the cop’s right to base probable cause on seeing a hemp plant.

  2. DdC says:

    AFLAK Wha?

    Cops use Hemp as an excuse to keep Ganja outlawed. “They will hide it in the hemp fields.” Besides it really isn’t any business of the cops. Oh wait, yes it is. 98% of the “marijuana” eradications are wild uncultivated non-psychoactive pheasant habitat ditchweed Hemp. Big numbers showing how they are saveding the kids from burlap. They can go play some place else where they are needed. Ludicrous to think any bud grower would risk pollinating kynd bud into schwag, but it ain’t about the dangers of Ganja is it? Its about keeping it and Hemp off the market, or at least do to many lawsuits, restrain it as a novelty because of the cost of importing from 32 other countries farmers still growing. Hemp and RxGanja were never outlawed by the 1937 Tax Act. Nixon arbitrary and capriciously added it to the CSA.

    Homegrown Carbohydrates vs OPEC/Occidental Hydrocarbons. Same as Rockefeller Standard Oil boosting the Women’s Temperance League with a $5 million donation giving it National attention and his influence with Congress changed the Constitution adding the 18th Amendment. 90% of the “stills” were producing homegrown ethanol for their farm equipment. Not Standard Oil or Exxon, Chevron or Shell today. Family farmers doing the same as what Willie’s doing in Texas with biodiesel. Serving local communities trucking and maintenance needs with a central source truckstop of homegrown fuel. No reason it can’t spread anywhere things grow.

    Hemp is the most versatile and easiest to grow. Multipurpose plant with deep roots to hold down mudslides and aerate the soil bringing back natural fertilizers.(worms.insects), doesn’t require the abortion causing pesticides and herbicides. Nutritious seed and oil, or industrial grade lubricants, polishes and plastics. Clothing without 90 million pounds of poisons as the US cotton crop uses. Carpeting without deadly chemicals killing firemen and firewomen.

    Pet Shops never stopped selling it for song birds. Pioneers used canvas hemp water satchels that would stay moist and evaporate as they rode providing a cool drink when they stopped. Rembrandt’s paintings on canvas hemp, grown by the pope. As Italy still does for fine linens and Armani suits. Mercedes, Lotus and Beer. Hemp oil Ice Cream and stronger softer Blue Jeans. etc.etc.etc. Is that a fat lady singing or hell freezing over oh its pigs flying… This Wars Baked! Stick a Fork In It!

    High on Hemp


    Hemp Products…Schedule#1 Narcotics.jpg

    Aunulds Corporatism.jpg

    The Gansters of WoD Its working for them.jpg

    “We’ve got a national campaign by drug legalizers, in my view,
    to try and use medicinal uses of drugs and legalization of hemp
    as a stalking horse to get in under the radar screen.”

    ~ Gen. Barry McCaffrey – Former Drug Czar (Clinton)

    Marijuana’s New High Life

    In June, an estimated 25,000 people attended the inaugural THC Expo hemp and art show in downtown Los Angeles, an event that pumped hundreds of thousands of dollars into the local economy — including a $22,400 payment directly to the city of Los Angeles for use of its convention center.

    Barneys New York in Beverly Hills is celebrating the Woodstock spirit by selling $78 “Hashish” candles in Jonathan Adler pots with bas-relief marijuana leaves; Hickey offers $75 linen pocket squares or $120 custom polo shirts bearing the five-part leaf; and French designer Lucien Pellat-Finet is serving up white-gold and diamond custom pot-leaf-emblazoned wristwatches for $49,000 and belt buckles for $56,000.

    ‘United States Cannabis News’ News

    ‘Canadian Cannabis News’ News

    “If the hideous monster Frankenstein came face to face with the monster of marijuana he would drop dead of fright. Marijuana is the most violence-causing drug in the history of mankind. Marihuana leads to pacifism and communist brainwashing. Marijuana is an addictive drug which produces in its users insanity, criminality, and death. Reefer makes darkies think they’re as good as white men.”
    ~ Harry J. Anslinger 1st Nark Czar

  3. BruceM says:

    Harry Anslinger is up there with Adolf Hitler on the great demons of the world list. I hope he’s burning in a pot-stenched hell.

  4. DdC says:

    I could probably hate Anslinger Nexxon and Janet Edgar Hoover as much as anybody. But if it wasn’t for Americans being so racist and such isolationist cowards and spoiled rotten greedy brats, they could have never had that kind of power or would they have bilked the country for as long as they did. The tragedy is we still haven’t learned and the same teabag toothless whiskey swigging suckups continue raping and pillaging the consciousness of America. The same programmed censored mudia reports one sided stories to perpetuate the dysfunction for profit. Same lapdog whores representing lobbyist interests over the people. Same cops thinking they have special powers to zap bad guys or shoot preachers and old ladies when their raids are blotched. Same corporate gods keeping Hemp and Ganja off the free trade market. Hate is a luxury with no solutions. Waking up the sheep would be a better way to take the country back.

  5. The potentially psychoactive chemical in hemp is delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). A plant cultivated for marijuana has a 3 to 15 percent THC content or more, while industrial hemp generally contains one percent or less. If one were to roll leaves from an industrial hemp plant into a cigarette and smoke them, no euphoric effects would be experienced even if a thousand hemp cigarettes were smoked.

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