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The latest anti-drug ad campaign

Today, the drug czar unveiled the latest ad campaign: MethResources.gov. Certainly better than an alien stealing your girlfriend if you smoke pot, but I can’t help but believe that anti-drug advertising is counterproductive, and not just because it’s been badly/laughably … Continue reading

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Where Kleiman gets annoyed once again that people are having a discussion

Mark Kleiman in Another drug legalization pitch notes: Esquire publishes yet another drug-leglization screed. Whoever does press relations for Law Enforcement Against Prohibition deserves a bonus. Perhaps. I’m not going to speak to the salary level of LEAP’s press rep … Continue reading

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The clear, but unspoken, arguments for legalization

AP article Nearly a third of all cocaine seized in the United States is laced with a dangerous veterinary medicine — a livestock de-worming drug that might enhance cocaine’s effects but has been blamed in at least three deaths and … Continue reading

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