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September 2009



Follow-up on the Kleiman post

On Tuesday, I wrote a post: Where Kleiman gets annoyed once again that people are having a discussion about Mark Kleiman’s post: Another Drug Legalization Pitch, reacting to the Esquire piece: A Radical Solution to End the Drug War: Legalize Everything.

I expected some fireworks and was not disappointed. Mark himself stopped by and joined […]

Lowered goals

This just struck me as humorous…

U.S. Dept. of Labor sets dates for the 4th annual Drug Free Work Week

The U.S. Department of Labor today encouraged public and private community organizations to participate in the 4th annual Drug-Free Work Week, which will occur Oct. 19 to 25.

So remember, kids, to mark your […]

Why we can’t have industrial hemp

Cops and the DEA have constantly said that industrial hemp is too dangerous for the U.S. to grow (denying farmers a potentially profitable crop, and forcing us to import any hemp products). They usually come up with some bizarre justification, like the notion druggies will hide marijuana crops inside the hemp fields (total nonsense because […]

What’s with the hippy hatred?

With the Woodstock anniversary and the new Ang Lee film “Taking Woodstock” in the news, that whole “movement” is once again being discussed.

I was too young to really experience the hippy movement. And yes, I wish I had. Oh, I don’t mean that I would have dropped out and joined a commune, but I […]

How’s that drug war going?


CIUDAD JUAREZ, Mexico — Gunmen broke into a drug rehabilitation center, lined people against a wall and shot 17 dead in a particularly bloody day in Mexico’s relentless drug war. The brazen attack followed the killing of the No. 2 security official in President Felipe Calderon’s home state.

I guess this must be another […]