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Blogging goodness

I am very pleased with the results of the move from SalonBlogs and RadioUserland to DreamHost and WordPress. Most people have found us in the new digs, and thanks to the marvelous Lawrence Lee at SalonBlogs, so has Google. He … Continue reading

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Splitting Image of Pot

On the one hand, marijuana is practically legal—more mainstream, accessorized, and taken for granted than ever before. On the other, kids are getting busted in the city in record numbers. Guess which kids. This article in New York Magazine by … Continue reading

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Is there a forest around, somewhere?

Is war on drugs worth it? Maybe not, new FBI data suggest. … fast forward to the obligatory prohibitionist comment: Pro-legalization groups are missing the forest for the trees, says Gregory D. Lee, a retired Drug Enforcement Administration agent. […] … Continue reading

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Spreading like a weed

Interesting article in the New York Times: A Popular Plant Is Quietly Spreading Across TV Screens by Brian Stelter Tips for cultivating marijuana. Testimonials by patients about its medical benefits. Cannabis cooking lessons. Even citations for award-winning strains of pot. … Continue reading

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