The war on pain relief

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  1. carly says:

    After 10 years of opiates for legitimate serious chronic pain and multiple conditions,my Dr. for the first time is waiting longer to fill meds. and all of a sudden,both my opiates are marked with a large C. any one else notice this?

  2. paul says:

    Marked with a large C? What do you mean?

    I haven’t had to take any pain medicine (yet), but I have family members who do. Their conditions are legitimate, and they need that medicine, or life would become a living hell.

    Seriously, how can anyone of good conscience still support the war on drugs after learning about how much suffering it causes?

  3. carly says:

    On the label the pharmacy has a large red C,printed on it.

  4. Mike R says:

    My stepson has the same C on his ADD medicine (adderall). I believe it is to indicate that it is scheduled as a CDS and needs to be double-counted and they’re supposed to tell you of its classificatio when they give it to you.

    Could be wrong though….

  5. Nick Zentor says:

    The last time I complained about pain the DEA laughed and called me a commie pussy-wimp socialist fagot, knocked me down and kicked me, and laughed some more. Like they really give a f__k! Vampires, vultures, and sadists don’t care about people’s pain, they thrive on it.

  6. DdC says:

    All of the meds I dispense for pain or seizures are marked with red bold large type “controlled substances” I imagine thats what the large “C” stands for. Several years ago Henry Hyde and Don Nichols got all skitzy over Oregons Death with Dignity bill giving the patient the right to stop treatment. Another step from the present DNR signed and posted in plain sight for paramedics to not do heroic measures, cpr etc. Most know it as Compassion. The one thing Boosh was actually conservative about.

    Also with the Pharmaceutical lobby, they proposed a bill to make it difficult for doctors to prescribe pain meds, in fear they would be putting them out of their misery. Can’t buy white powders dead. On this reversal of human dignity, they tried to outlaw all herbs and supplements and especially RxGanja. In wording that said only FDA approved meds would be legit. Making herbs “meds” or “drugs” and if classified a drug it must be approved by the FDA. In the case of Ganja it has never made it close to the FDA. Still stalled at the HHS after release by the IOM in 1999, spurring such draconian stupidity from fascists. Essentially trying to ban everything from St Johns Wart to Golden Seal. It failed, but that is the agenda. All using fear and lies, typical of DEAth. I can’t find the original article but this one sums it up…

    Hyde/Nickles Team Up Against Oregon Death With Dignity Act — Again August 1999
    Last year’s bills were, at their core, bad pieces of legislation. These bills are more artfully constructed, but the impact is even worse. They have the same purpose, but expand enforcement authority from the DEA to every police officer at the local, state and federal level. They are wolves in sheep’s clothing.

    The “living will ” the wingnut teabog DEAthers are ranting over. Simply simplifies the patients right to terminate care and not “exist” on machines with no hope. Bad enough many are “preserved” from 60 years of cardboard food. Hate “existing” artificially with nothing left to accomplish or the means to physically do it. TV, pain, bed, get up and do it all again. When my time comes I’ll be megadosing on liquid til their ain’t a brain cell left standing.

    Doing hospice work 20 years in a mostly civilized community with a local Hospice Chapter for support, and not much in politics, keeping the patients pain free. Cause we don’t give a shit about no stinkin DEAth badges. Many Nurses worth their salt stash roxinol left from previous cases and not disposed (I’ve heard), and use Ganja. The patient will not suffer from pain under my care over politics and no patient can fake cancer pain. All done in conjunction with the doctor and visiting hospice nurses, not cops or politikops.

    All to prevent them from getting high or cheating the drug companies? I’ll go on the streets and score heroin if need be. The patient will not suffer is the creed. By the same measure it is not my business to assist a patient to die. Pain free but thats as far as it goes. So lame, a doctor has to triplicate a schedule#2 drug, meaning personal contact with the Pharmacist, not just a script cashed by the caregiver. All these precautions then hand it to an 18 year old delivery person to give to me to dispense. Then dispose it. I just give it to the nurses.

    Damn Hippies are at it again!

    State OKs petition drive for pot legalization
    Bob Egelko, Chronicle Staff Writer
    Wednesday, September 23, 2009

    Richard Lee, executive director of the medical marijuana dispensary known as Oaksterdam, and Jeff Jones, former director of the Oakland Cannabis Buyers’ Cooperative, are the sponsors of a measure that would allow anyone over 21 to possess or grow marijuana for personal use. It would allow each local government to decide whether to tax and regulate marijuana sales.

    The secretary of state’s office approved the initiative for circulation along with a similar measure sponsored by John Donohue of Long Beach. Each needs at least 433,971 signatures of registered voters by Feb. 18 to qualify for the November ballot.

  7. Cliff says:

    /DEA troll on

    People in pain is a feature not a bug. Suffering is the normal human condition, those who try to escape shall be punished.

    /DEA troll off

  8. Voletear says:

    Thanks for publicizing this Pete. I urge everyone to acquaint themselves with the special hell former addicts with chronic-pain are under in this scenario. It’s like there’s a law saying you get no relief and almost every healthcare worker follows it.

  9. R.O.E. says:

    This is some scary stuff here. I know all about how doctors are afraid of prosecution. My father died of cancer, well not exactly. Due to the diesease and subsequent chemotherapy he couldnt eat(which is why Im here) and was starving to death. Anyone who have watched a man starve to death knows how horrible it is. His doctors were very scared about possible problems in perscribing pain meds like morphine. Every time I think about this I get angery.

    Now here we are.The drug thugs want more controll, theres a health care bill in congress,if passed, would possiblily cause rationing due to lack of resources and doctors. Problems due to this issue over more control of pain meds,if this bill is passed.. lack of incentive for people to become doctors,lack of incentive for current doctors to keep practicing ect ect ect. Seems to me we are not only,as I have said for years and been admonished for it, we are lawing our selves out of freedom,but now seems we are working hard at lawing our selves out of compassion also. Guess we are all going to die in pain and without freedom.

    My father did have pain meds,it helped some but his condition was horrible. I thank the doctors that did their best to help him when ever I see them. His heart finally gave out. He was very close to dying when his heart gave out. I think his last dose of morphine caused that to happen, I think his hospice nurse knew that would happen. Thats ok though, everyone was in pain,me included,it was his time. He was suffering terrible. It was compassion that ended all our pain. Will these kops and politicians have as much compassion? Will they beg for the same compassion they wish to deny all of us when their time comes? We will see. Everyone has to die.

    One question. At my time of birth, where did I miss the sign saying”Hell straight ahead!” on my way?

    In the end this is all rooted in corruption in the name of profit.

    CORRUPTION: A disease that spares no one.

  10. Shawn says:

    As a chronic pain patient, I understand the frustration and hoops that must be jumped through to get relief. In Texas one has to obtain a triplicate prescription for any Schedule II Controlled Substance, which includes most opiate pain medications, which is directly sent to the Texas Department of Public Safety upon being filled. Needless to say, doctors are afraid to write these prescriptions.

    Law enforcement has absolutely no business whatsoever in meddling with the medical profession, or for that matter, personal choices, as long as those choices cause harm to no one but the individiual making the choice. “Christians” or others who seem to consider themselves so morally superior to others (Cliff) have no business imposing their values on those who suffer from chronic or any other type of pain, and if they do, should suffer consequences. They are the ones causing harm to another, not the other way around. Live and let live, and Cliff, in your case, I hope it is in pain.

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