Massive high-value marijuana bust

Boy, the Nacogdoches County Sheriff’s Department has reached a new milestone when it comes to marijuana busts. They shut down hydroponic marijuana operations, hitting two houses and charging three men with engaging in organized criminal activity.

Their haul? One plant. Yep, that’s it in the picture.

Ah, but this is no ordinary plant.

The dried leaves produce a high dollar drug. “Street value would be around $6,000 an ounce,” explained [Sheriff Thomas] Kerss, who also invited in the DEA and Texas Rangers into the investigation.

$6,000 an ounce for dried leaves! Man, that’s some plant. That’s over $200 a gram. No wonder there was only one plant.

That Nacogdoches County Sheriff’s Office sure is on top of things, aren’t they?

[Thanks, Nick]
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22 Responses to Massive high-value marijuana bust

  1. Jon Doe says:

    Christ, even the finest bud in the world is only worth $5000 *a pound*. Do these morons think everything is as expensive as china white heroin?

  2. ezrydn says:

    We gotta start our own Stupid Stories of the Month. This one would surely be in the running. Them Texans (of which I’m one) sure can tell a good one, can’t they? LOL

  3. Sukoi says:

    Plants grown this way shoot up rapidly and produce plants free of stems and seeds.

    Cannabis plants without stems??? Now that I’d like to see…

  4. brandon says:

    This certainly is funny. I live in nacogdoches (go to sfasu), and these cops are morons. I’ve never seen anything higher than 25 a gram (for anything), but of course my friends don’t buy from guys in there 50’s and 60’s.

    I would like to go down to the sheriffs office and point out their ignorance, but they would probably just arrest me and make up some false charges.

    If only they knew how cheap and easy weed is to get. True story: having weed delivered to an apartment in nacogdoches is faster than pizza delivery.. Food for thought…

  5. Mike R says:

    Some semi-literate cartel henchman will see this and send a small army of mexican pot farmers to invade this poor little town. 😀

  6. Guy#1 says:

    Wow, cops think people will believe this?

  7. Bailey says:

    I once had a police officer tell me (in an online forum) that some officers just report whatever the arrestee tells them the value is. Maybe one of the guys was like “Wow, big bust officer, cause this stuff is totally worth 6k an ounce.” And the cops just believed him.

    That would actually make it one of the less insane occurances in our never-ending drug war.

  8. Bob smith says:

    Ha I go to SFASU also. For the price, this stuff better provide you with instant, permanent nirvana.

  9. Hope says:


    (shaking head)

    Good grief.

  10. Carol says:

    Disturbing. The LEO always inflate the worth of the plants to some ridiculous amount to make what they did seem more important.

    And it seems they get by with it.

  11. R.O.E. says:

    :O WTH! What are these cops drinking these days. Must be some good hooch if they think people will believe this line of crap. Then again, they make outragous claims all the time. Prohibs know they have lost the fight and are doing anything to gain ground again. Trouble is, once you start lying to people and we see it, you lose credibility/trust.

  12. iDub says:

    the sad thing is that by making such an outrageous claim as $6000 an ounce, they answer another question…

    Why the war on drugs can never be won

  13. Osborne Perry Anderson says:

    Ok sheriff go stand in the corner until your mother or father picks you up… you desperate doltish dodo!

    The plant was probably laced w/ diamonds from Djibouti… or the kops are on meth & alcohol. 😀

  14. Cliff says:

    I’ve seen a larger cannabis plant growing in a window well. That plant (in the photo) is not mature, it is in the growth stage, it is not ready for consumption.

  15. Buc says:

    It’s probably just the dankest weed of all time.

  16. DdC says:

    Is this a joke?

    Narcodouch County Sheriff’s Department?

  17. Osborne Perry Anderson says:

    @Cliff:-) The 6k is what they est. the ‘leaves’ to be worth. If they let it go to maturity then the buds would undoubtedly be worth millions! Since the death of common-sense people have been allowed to breed to close to home me thinks! They need to expand their gene pool [but not where I live] or they are doomed to extinction! Cheers

  18. big lebowsky says: a decade when marijuana is legal, thats the price the goverment will sell the weed for.. 6k an ounce, its just a heads up. hahahah 6k

  19. sIrwatermelon says:

    $6,000 for an ounce of dried leaf, holy fucking shit balls bat man what do they charge for bud?

  20. So, are they trying to encourage people to grow marijuana by inflating the price?

    The people who get paid a good salary and benefits to bust marijuana growers actually want more people to do it. Status Quo.

  21. Hope says:

    “The people who get paid a good salary and benefits to bust marijuana growers actually want more people to do it. Status Quo.”

    You could be right.

    It’s hard to believe they could be heard by someone ignorant enough to swallow that oversized lure… but I suppose it could happen.

    Someone so desperate for money and naive enough to believe that profit margin, might be willing to pay a hundred bucks each for the seeds to that amazing money tree plant.

  22. budest says:

    what the fuck that little a rink a dink plant 6,000 an oz for leaves man wtf ever i wanna meet that dumb ass i dont think ive ever found anyone who would eaven pay for leaves unless your gonna make hash out of them but then you only get like a little chunk out of a 100 grams of leaves so these people get the award winning seal of dumbfucks mabie they should have checked these peoples bank account bet they were broke lol

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