Drugs: To Legalize or Not

A must read by Steven B. Duke in the Wall Street Journal

Also hopeless is the notion — now believed by almost no one — that we can keep the drugs from coming into this country and thereby cut off the traffickers’ major market. If we could effectively interdict smuggling through any of our 300-plus official border crossing points across the country and if we eventually build that fence along our entire border with Mexico — 1,933 miles long — experience strongly suggests that the smugglers will get through it or over it. If not, they will tunnel under or fly over it. And there is always our 12,383 miles of virtually unguarded coastline. […]
We can try to deal with the Mexican murderers as we first dealt with Al Capone and his minions, or we can apply the lessons we learned from alcohol prohibition and finish dismantling the destructive prohibition experiment. We should begin by decriminalizing marijuana now.

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