What’s wrong with this article?

One of the challenges of getting good media coverage for drug policy reform is trying to educate the media. That’s made more difficult when they are lazy, incompetent, or just plain stupid.
Check out the writing in this piece at News Channel 6 in Wichita Falls…

The War on Drugs, is a battle fought daily by the Wichita Falls Police Department. Who’s winning that war, the police or the people on the receiving end? and what is the choice of drug– circulating in our town? News channel six’s Ashley Fitzwater takes an inside look and finds out who’s controlling the battle?
When it comes to popularity and quantity, two different drugs take the number one slot, here in the Falls.
“It’s about 50/50 split with crack cocaine and meth,” says Police Sgt. Larry Robinett .
Sgt. Robinette says the W.F.P.D. Put a major dent in the crack cocaine trade recently.
“Guys like Cedric Grey, and Empra Holt, these were major drug dealers here in the Falls. They have all been prosecuted federally.”
Police say the major arrests slow down the process, but someone else is always there to step in and take charge.
But with departments like the Organized Crime Unit in place, police are able to keep drugs from taking over.

The bad grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure almost overwhelm the bad reporting and logic.

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