Drug Czar admits to being the problem.

At the Drug Czar’s “blog”:

Medical Marijuana Laws Create Confusion, Problems For Cities
Another news report regarding the confusion created by State-based “medical” marijuana laws. From the San Gabriel Valley Tribune:


“What the local agencies are grappling with is this discrepancy between federal and state law,” said Ray Hamada, the planning director in Irwindale, which has a moratorium. The problem, he explained, is that while California voters legalized medical marijuana with Proposition 215 in November 1996, federal law still bans all marijuana use.

Monterey Park’s city manager, Chris Jeffers, said his city had a moratorium for the same reason. The city is leaning toward a ban in order to comply with federal law, but hasn’t finished studying the issue, he said.”

It’s nice of them to realize that they’re the problem, and if the federal government got its nose out of something where it has no business, the states could do a much better job of managing medical marijuana laws (although I doubt they even realize what they’re saying).

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