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Daily Kos

Inspired by the NY Times article mentioned earlier, Meteor Blades’ Another Failed War Needs ‘Redeployment’ brings the drug war to the Daily Kos front page.

The drug war is now and has always been, at its core, a culture war. Changing mandatory sentencing guidelines, if it happens, will be, like voter-approved medical marijuana laws in […]

Why is Marijuana Illegal

A pretty big discussion at on my article Why is Marijuana Illegal? has boosted my traffic about 2,000% today. Nice. Welcome to any new visitors that make it to the front page of Drug WarRant.

The other losing war

Harvard sociology professor Orlando Patterson, in the New York Times today:

Preoccupation with Iraq has drawn attention from another unwinnable American war that has been far more destructive of life both at home and abroad and has caused far greater collateral damage in other countries, in addition to spreading contempt for American foreign engagements. This […]