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Little things that make me smile

About two years ago, former ONDCP staffer and con-artist Andrea Barthwell put together a series of lectures in Illinois to attack our medical marijuana efforts. I was able to catch her falsifying sponsorship information, which marked essentially the end of the lecture series. Today, the original website, apparently being allowed to die through expiration, […]

Afghanistan apparently doesn’t want to be run by John Walters

NIDA fails to propagandize Wikipedia

Ryan Grim at The Politico reports on the efforts of the National Institute on Drug Abuse to remove the Wikipedia information about them that is controversial, and replace it with glowing propaganda.

In late August, someone with an IP address that originated from the National Institutes of Health drastically edited the Wikipedia entry for the […]

Open Thread

“bullet” Grits for Breakfast notes that, in Texas, a conservative GOP senator who is a medical doctor has filed a bill authorizing local governments to implement needle exchange programs. It’s going to be a tricky one for the prohibitionists. I wonder how they’ll try to demonize him? “bullet” Blame the Drug War has been following […]