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In today’s Congressional Quarterly (sorry, no link – subscription only)
Drug Dissenters Make Terror Link by Shawn Zeller, CQ Staff

For the five years since the Sept. 11 attacks, federal drug warriors have publicized the ways that ill-gotten narcotics profits have paid for terrorist activity. Now the critics of the drug war are seeking to turn that argument to their own advantage, suggesting that drugs are attractive funding sources to terror groups for one main reason: because they’re illegal. […]
Just as Capone profiteered using the illegal status of alcohol during Prohibition, Angell argues, terror groups are able to realize enormous profits because of the artificially high prices of illicit drugs today. The exhibit’s DEA sponsors are “hiding the fact that it is their prohibitionist policy that has allowed terrorists to make money off drugs,” he says. He says his group plans to dispatch members to the exhibit throughout its four-month run to distribute leaflets promoting a rival online exhibit created by Pete Guither, who writes the blog DrugWarRant.com.

(And that rival online exhibit is DEAtargetsAmerica.com)
The best thing in the article is how the DEA spokesman obliviously steps right into it.

DEA spokesman David Ausiello says that, while the exhibit does make use of such specific cases [terrorist drug connections], its primary message is much broader: “We are up against a formidable enemy that is well-funded with money that comes from drugs,” he says. “We have to take away their means to make money.”

Yep. And there’s one way to do that. End prohibition, and the criminals lose their source of funding. (Of course, so does the DEA.)
Thanks for helping us make our point, David.

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