The DEA Exhibit — your turn

We’ve had a good start with our response to the DEA exhibit at the Museum of Science and Industry. I know a lot of you wanted to do something to help, but aren’t available to pass out flyers.
Here’s your chance.
The exhibit has generated some press, and you can capitalize on that by writing letters to the papers and the sponsors.
Here are some talking points.

  • Parallels between alcohol prohibition and prohibition today.
  • The inappropriateness of using a museum exhibit to act as a commercial for a federal agency.
  • The DEA’s failed record.
  • It’s a one-sided exhibit, and it’s political propaganda.
  • The drug and terror connection being promoted in the exhibit is a blatant attempt by the DEA to step up to the terror funding trough, and it ignores prohibition’s impact on the obscene profitability of the illicit drug trade.

MAPinc is a great source for letter-writing tips.
Here are some papers that have published articles on the exhibit.

A few more sponsors…

Note about sponsors: There appears to be some confusion as to the actual list of sponsors for the exhibit. I got the list on the right side of this page directly from the DEA Museum’s site (which had been updated as of July 27). However, their site now has this shorter list as of May 1 and an even shorter list as of January 15. The museum’s exhibit site only lists two sponsors – McDonald’s and NBC 5.
So write some letters. It only takes a few minutes. And it’s your turn.

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