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June 2006



Independence Day

[I’ll be gone for a few days (without much internet access), helping my parents celebrate their 84th birthday (Mom’s is on July 4)]

I’m pleased to see that the American Flag will fly free this weekend, narrowly escaping Congress’ attempt to cage it and make it subservient to their political agendas. Take a moment to […]

Once again, task force shoots someone in drug raid, sorts it out later

I’m not sure I can say what really happened this week with the shooting of Kenneth Jamar in Huntsville during a drug raid, but it sure doesn’t seem like the task force has a clue either. They’re sure that what they did was OK — they just can’t ‘splain it too well.

Hichey amendment loses. Time to write letters.

The vote was 163 in favor, 259 opposed. In my opinion, those who voted against it did so, for the most part, for one of two reasons:

Fear of appearing soft on… anything. Fear of getting reduced campaign contributions from the pharmaceutical industry.

I’ll tell you one thing for sure after listening to that debate. […]

Hinchey-Rohrabacher amendment vote due today

Today is likely the day for the next attempt. This is the fourth time that the HInchey amendment has been brought forward, and I have high hopes balanced with election year pessimism. A couple of new things on our side include:

The Citizens Against Government Waste report that expressly supports the amendment The Prebyterian Church […]

UN report and unintentional byproducts

There have been hundreds of media “reports” out there in the past day that have been mindlessly parroting the UNODC hype because it’s easy, but not all of them are buying it. Check out the Vancouver Sun

UN drug report unintentionally argues against prohibition The 2006 World Drug Report of the United Nations Office on […]

Two Podcasts

“bullet” The ONDCP’s latest “podcast” is actually just the audio of their fact-deficient press conference with the UN and the DEA on the occasion of the UNODC’s latest report, and the claims that marijuana has magically become some kind of Super-Drug. It’s one hour and six minutes long, and I don’t have time (or stomach) […]


In the debate over marijuana legalization in Nevada comes an interesting piece: The Poetry of Drug Politics by Lohantan Valley News publisher Rick Swart:

At the same time there is something just a little bit hypocritical about standing around the VIP tent drinking cantaloupe margaritas and espousing the ills of “gateway” drugs. Mind-altering drugs are […]

Another newspaper sees failed policy

Today’s McAllen (TX) Monitor: Losing the Drug War — Decriminalization would be more effective than drug eradication

There is an old saying: “There are none so blind as those who will not see,” which comes to mind when we see news reports about expanding the international drug war. […]
Actually, the main problem isn’t that the aerial eradication program isn’t successful. It’s that the drug war itself is failing. Born of the flawed idea that if drug users have trouble obtaining drugs, they’ll stop using, the drug war has been going on for decades with little success. […] The police are doing what they’re supposed to, but they’re fighting a losing battle because the drug war ignores economics and common sense. […]
If officials are serious about lowering the rates of crime and drug use, they should curtail their efforts to keep consumers from getting what they want.
Decriminalization of drugs would remove the risk suppliers now face, which would lower prices. That would, in turn, lead to a decrease in robberies and burglaries because users would not need as much money to buy their drugs. That’s not to say such crimes would disappear; they‰ve always been with us because not all crimes are a result of drug use.
The easy availability of illegal drugs in the United States is proof the drug war isn’t working, despite the billions we spend on it every year. That’s a pretty high price tag for a policy that’s not working.

Drug Czar’s Office Called ‘A Waste’

I’d call it more than a waste. An eyesore and a hazard maybe. Or a toxic chemical spill that keeps spreading. But still it’s nice to see Citizens Against Government Waste come out with such a strong statement in their new report: Wasted in the War on Drugs: Office of National Drug Control Policy’s Wasted […]

This is just too… hard to pass up

Rush Limbaugh was detained at Palm Beach International Airport for having drugs without a valid prescription. The drug? Viagra.

[Via TalkLeft]