Two Podcasts

“bullet” The ONDCP’s latest “podcast” is actually just the audio of their fact-deficient press conference with the UN and the DEA on the occasion of the UNODC’s latest report, and the claims that marijuana has magically become some kind of Super-Drug. It’s one hour and six minutes long, and I don’t have time (or stomach) to listen to it now, but if you’re a masochist and want to report back anything interesting… have at it.
“bullet” On a much brighter note, NORML’s daily audio stash (mp3) features a good interview with Maurice Hinchey, co-sponsor of the Amendment that is likely to be acted on today in the House to prevent federal funds from being used to harass medical marijuana users in states where it’s legal. Hinchey gives a nice overview of the situation, although it’s not really much new if you’ve been following this issue closely. The most interesting part is when Hinchey is asked why the Republicans seem to be so unsupportive of the amendment. (First you have to get past NORML’s extremely annoying and long podcast introduction, where they repeatedly tell you what you’re listening to.)

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