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June 2006



Happy Flag Day

This is only peripherally a drug war post, but I thought it was worth mentioning that this is flag day, and of course, Congress is once again considering a flag burning amendment as a dangerous distraction. Julian Sanchez at Hit and Run has done a pretty decent job of explaining why that’s stupid. Let me […]

Barry McCaffrey returns to stink up the joint.

Former drug czar Barry McCaffrey says the darndest things. What is it about drug czars and former drug czars? They’re so used to making stuff up that it doesn’t even phase them anymore. Here’s an article published in the Monterey County Herald on June 10 and re-printed in Therapeutics Daily (free registration required).

Drug addiction […]

U.S. Conference of Mayors against mandatory minimums for drug crimes

I’m still getting caught up — this was quite an interesting tidbit from last week. The U.S. Conference of Mayors, representing 1,183 cities with a population over 30,000, passed a resolution, sponsored by Salt Lake City mayor Rocky Anderson, opposing mandatory minimum drug sentencing at both the federal and state level. Here’s the text (pdf):


Karzai the comedian

If it wasn’t all so sad, it would be funny. The situation in Afghanistan is so absurd, since nobody in power is allowed to actually talk about any solutions to the illegal drug trafficking that would really work. So every now and then, President Hamid Karzai comes out with a statement about his resolve against […]

An Editorial Against Prohibition

What an outstanding editorial this weekend in the Charleston (WV) Gazette:

THIS week’s mass murder in a drug-infested St. Albans suburb raises a troubling thought: Much of America’s criminality and gun violence among addicts and illegal drug dealers apparently is spawned by the nation’s harsh prohibition of narcotics. Almost a century ago, the United States […]