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June 2006



Drugs are Not Child’s Play

The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime has declared today “International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking.” And they’re doing it with the theme “Drugs are Not Child’s Play,” which ranks in terms of pure exploitive hype right alongside National Lampoon’s Buy This [Magazine] or We’ll Shoot This Dog — just not as […]

Robert Novak, Colombia’s Johnny Roundup

Ever have one of those days when you just feel like you’re dealing with jerks and idiots all day? Today’s one of them. Starting out with Anthony Maria Costa and John Walters, and now… Robert Novak (or as John Stewart liked to call him: “Douchebag for Liberty”) Novak has a particularly ugly, false, and partisan […]

UN and US Drug Czars’ New Message: Cocaine and Heroin as Safe as Marijuana!

Via Pushing Back: “Among the key findings of the U.N. World Drug Report…”

Today, the characteristics of cannabis are no longer that different from those of other plant-based drugs such as cocaine and heroin.

[Thanks, Daksya]

— In other news, mother’s milk determined to share many of the characteristics of other liquid-based beverages such as […]

World drug czar claims victory

Anthony Maria Costa is sort of John Walters, but on a global scale. He’s in charge of the UN Office on Drug and Crime, which pretty much has as its goal the imposition of United States’ failed drug policy on the rest of the world. (It’s the one part of the UN our government seems […]

Another newspaper deserts

Eric Baerren, News Editor of the Mt. Pleasant, Michigan Morning Sun has a strong and detailed response to the recent Michigan Supreme Court decision allowing the discovery of chemical byproducts in the blood to qualify as “impaired” driving. Baarren takes apart the entire drug war and what it’s led to — more than I can […]

Secret, possibly illegal government spy program used to identify drug transactions

It’s simply the latest in the series of stories that reveal the administration’s mistaken belief that the 911 terrorists crashed into and destroyed the Constitution instead of the World Trade Center. This one has to do with secret investigations of international (and including domestic) financial transactions. As reported in the Washington Post:

U.S. counterterrorism officials […]

More on Len Bias

Today’s Washington Post has a good article by Eric E. Sterling and Julie Stewart: Undo This Legacy of Len Bias’s Death.

One result was the innocuous-sounding Narcotics Penalties and Enforcement Act, which became the first element of the enormous Anti-Drug Abuse Act of 1986, hurried to the floor a little over two months after Bias’s […]

New Store Items

I’ve added a number of new items at the Drug WarRant Store, utilizing the End Prohibition Now theme. These and more…

I am a rabble-rouser!

… and proud of it. It’s an honor to be mentioned this way in this essay by Phillip S. Smith in the Drug War Chronicle”

On the eve of American independence, the colonies were awash with wild-eyed radicals taking pen to hand to denounce the latest iniquities of the British crown. Tom Paine is perhaps […]

Nevada paper comes out for legalization

The rural Lahontan Valley News came out in favor of Nevada’s marijuana legalization initiative

It’s time to pass this multi-pronged approach to marijuana regulation and end years of speculation and fruitless debates. What the initiative offers is a chance for voters to change a decades-long war on marijuana that has failed to curb its prevalence […]