Look at all the 60-year-old hippie heroin addicts!

Nathan Tabor is a professional moralist who writes for The Conservative Voice, and he brings us The War on Drugs Update:

Each night, network news programs in America turn their focus on the war in Iraq. Yet, routinely, the national news media ignore another war that’s been going on now for more than 30 years–the war on drugs.
By all indications, we continue to lose this hidden war. And frankly, there are a number of people in the news media and in Hollywood who are actually rooting for the other side. They’re the individuals who believe that there is no danger in a 13-year-old smoking pot when he should be in school… a twenty-eight-year-old mother smoking crack… or a 60-year-old ex-hippie who’s addicted to heroin. [emphasis added]

I’m assuming he’s talking about drug policy reformers. But don’t you love the examples he uses? As if those three groups represent the drug using population! — but this is a typical tactic. In actuality, drug policy reformers are actually more interested in preventing the 13-year-old from smoking pot, through a regulated system that actually checks for age (not like our current black-market system). 28-year-old crack mothers are becoming a rarity, and if you find a 60-year-old ex-hippie addicted to heroin who’s still alive… you gotta be impressed!
The thing is, Nathan’s actual suggestions aren’t all that bad — parents talking to kids, schools and churches providing education — although he injects his own moral values into the solution (like requiring a church-attending two-parent family), and he misses one of the most effective ways of reducing kids’ drug use — after-school activities.
We could be on the same side, and yet…
He appears to be adamantly opposed to those who would change the laws, despite the fact that he admits the laws don’t work. The reason? He fears that even medical marijuana will “make drug use more acceptable to the general public.” And after all…

And can’t even casual drug use destroy marriages, decimate families, and ruin lives?

So we see, Nathan isn’t interested in the truth, or in really keeping the 13-year-old off drugs. He’s more interested in promoting his “morality.”

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