Medical Marijuana roundup

While I’ve been pretty wrapped up in the Illinois medical marijuana effort, it’s important to note that some other efforts are ongoing around the country…
“bullet” D’Alliance shares a nice editorial about Senate Bill 795 in New Mexico, and also reports on how it did in committee:

Our medical marijuana bill unanimously passed the Senate Public Affairs Committee! After all of our mmj patients spoke, the committee asked if anyone was there to oppose the bill – and there was DEAD SILENCE!

What? We get the Drug Czar and a former DEA head and New Mexico gets nothing? Odd.
“bullet” Texans for Medical Marijuana are working hard on HB 658.
“bullet” Loretta reports on New Jersey and Connecticut bills.
“bullet” Cannabis News passed on this report last week that “Medical marijuana advocates have filed suit against the California Highway Patrol, demanding that officers stop confiscating pot from authorized users.” That should be interesting.
“bullet” Check out Kevin Hayden’s piece over at the Street. He starts with a report on the medical marijuana bill in Texas and then moves to a call for decriminalization.

I’ve read the myths, I’ve read the research through the years. I trust what I’ve seen and experienced directly, the most. Medicinal? Obviously. Who knows better than actual patients? Adults should have this choice especially. But they also should have its use available for non-medical purposes. Bush smoked pot. A pretzel put him at greater risk of physical harm.
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