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January 2005



Cheryl Noel, drug war victim

[Sadly, another one to add to my Drug War Victims page] Cheryl Noel, 44, was shot to death by police in her upstairs bedroom last Friday. Details of the raid are just now fully surfacing, and there are still more questions than answers. (And I would really like to hear from anyone who knows more […]

Government gets Supreme Free Ride on Prohibition

Kaptinemo always has good comments, and got me going with this one

Pete, there’s another dimension to your comment, one that I am sure you’ve thought about from time to time: why has the veracity of the prohib’s blather never, ever been challenged in court? I am not talking about the recent Raich/Monson issues; those […]

This one made me smile…

Link. Police were chasing a truancy suspect and entered the unlocked garage of an extremely popular High School science teacher, finding marijuana plants and bags of marijuana. The teacher came home and said: “Well, I’ve been growing the marijuana in the garage for approximately eight months so I could save myself some money instead of […]

Who let the dogs in?

Jacob Sullum has a nice recap of the Illinois v. Caballes Supreme Court ruling. It’s been heartening to see the amount of negative reaction to the ruling around the web. At the same time, it was depressing to hear two local police chiefs on the radio gleefully talk about how this frees them up to […]


From an audit of the Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff’s Office (Louisiana):

The Sheriff’s Office’s DARE Scholarship fund had $8,978 in “inappropriate expenditures” including $181 in liquor expense at a $595 dinner party for 25 people, according to the audit.

[Thanks to Herb]

Stuff to read

“bullet” King County Bar Association (Seattle) Calls for Legal, Regulated Drug Markets

In a resolution adopted Wednesday, the King County Bar Association (Seattle) has declared war on prohibition. The KCBA called for “a new framework of state-level regulatory control over psychoactive substances, intended to render the illegal markets for such substances unprofitable, to restrict access […]

Idiotic Editorial

The News-Hearld, which purports to be “serving Northeast Ohio” has this drivel to offer:

Mention the word “war” and you can easily start one of your own. Nationally, the topic is as controversial and as volatile as any in our vocabularies.

But there is one war that is neither controversial nor likely to start an […]

Stop Government Propaganda Act


In response to continued revelations of government-funded “journalism” — ranging from the purported video news releases put out by the drug czar’s office and the Department of Health and Human Services to the recently uncovered payments to columnists Armstrong Williams and Maggie Gallagher,who flacked administration programs — Sens. Edward M. Kennedy (D-Mass.) and Frank […]

Law so bad, even the Justice Department won’t touch it.

If you don’t remember Representative Istook’s provision that would prevent marijuana law reform ads from being placed on public transportation, check out my earlier posts here. Back in June, a US District Judge rightly ruled against the law, calling it “an unconstitutional exercise of Congress’ broad spending power.” At that time, Istook vowed to take […]

Mr. President. Do you know what HALVE means?

As I noted here and here, President Bush had indicated that he wanted to halve the budget deficit this year and was willing to zero out some programs that don’t work. Naturally, I gave him some excellent suggestions that involved cutting the ONDCP, DEA, etc. However,

The White House announced on Tuesday that the federal […]