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February 2005



Illinois Action Alert

The Illinois Medical Marijuana bill will have an initial hearing in the Human Services Committee on Thursday, Februaryś17 at 8:00 a.m. in Springfield. I plan to be there and am hoping to bring others. It should be fascinating.
In the meantime, if you live in Illinois, check out this Action Alert from NORML and contact your state representative. If you have friends or relatives in Illinois, have them contact their representatives. It’s easy.

Lawmakers react to budget

When I saw this headline:

Lawmakers Criticize White House Drug War Budget

I thought… “Finally, somebody’s got their act together and they’re not going to put up with the administration increasing the federal drug budget by $268 million at a time when we should be slashing it dramatically.” But no.

…but lawmakers from both parties […]

Haven’t they heard that the best cheese comes from happy cows?

Cannabis-munching cows to get change of diet in Alpine state

Farmers in Liechtenstein świll no longer be allowed to feed cannabis to their livestock under new rules to be introduced in March in the tiny Alpine state.

Hemp — of which the marijuana plant is a well-known variety — contains small amounts of THC, the active substance in hashish, and traces of the drug have been filtering through to the milk of dairy cows fed with the plant.

The levels breach the maximum limit set by the new rules, which say that animal feed must be free of any component that could have an adverse effect on humans, the country’s veterinary and food controls office said in a statement.