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January 2012



The headline really says it all

Top cop says 12yo girl’s strip search justified

That’s the world in which we live — the world of the drug war.

Questions, questions

Josh Gerstein at Politico had a prediction that Obama would answer a marijuana question last night based on a conversation with a Google staffer:

Google is signaling that it won’t let any single issue, like marijuana legalization, dominate its online question-and-answer session with President Obama Monday afternoon.

But don’t despair, NORML fans, as it seems […]

Parenting 101

If you believe that hiring a drug-sniffing dog to go through your house is a good way to get connected to your child’s life, then you might want to re-think your entire parenting approach.

Dog for hire sniffs out drug problems

Parents concerned about whether their children are using narcotics, businesses wanting to enforce their […]

Drugged Driving Certification Follies

Did you know that Maricopa County, Arizona does the training for “85 percent of all drug-recognition experts in North America”? That’s the shocker (to me, at least) in this article: RCMP halts training with U.S. force over abuse findings

Training of police officers from across Canada in drug recognition techniques has been called into question […]

President Obama wants my questions

I got an email from President Barack Obama on Friday. I didn’t realize he knew me, but it was a nice letter and apparently he wants to hear from me personally!

The day after I delivered my State of the Union Address to Congress, I took off to connect with ordinary Americans around the country, […]

Site back up

Drug WarRant was down for most of the day Sunday due to massive problems at DreamHost that affected a large number of virtual private servers. Nothing directly connected to this site. Sorry for the temporary lack of couch.

Odds and Ends, Feds and States, Sheep on the Lamb

Posting has been extremely light the past few days as I’ve been exceptionally busy with a variety of diverse and interesting projects (description after the fold)

Wayne State Law School symposium on the federal-state dichotomy on marijuana. Kevin Sabet starts at about 22 minutes, and Dan Riffle, Legislative Analyst for MPP starts at about […]

Open Thread

BBC: Richard Branson drugs policy advice to David Cameron

It’s up to politicians, I think, to get the message across, and sometimes to ignore a newspaper like the Daily Mail and just get on and do what they believe is right. If you talk to any individual politician they know what’s right. […] [David […]

A criminal justice system ruled by greed

Americans for Forfeiture Reform report on another cash grab, this time by prosecutors. Buried in a proposed New York State bill is a measure that “was inserted at the request of prosecutors, especially Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus R. Vance Jr.”

The measure increases the percentage of forfeiture takings that the DA’s office can keep. It […]

Some very light reading

Here’s a six-page paper called Drug Legalisation: An Evaluation of the Impacts on Global Society. Position Statement

It’s been put together by:

Drug Prevention Network of the Americas (DPNA) Institute on Global Drug Policy International Scientific and Medical Forum on Drug Abuse International Task Force on Strategic Drug Policy People Against Drug Dependence & Ignorance […]