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October 2011



I don’t usually give free advertising to pizza joints

… but I’ll make an exception in this case.

Remember the licensed medical marijuana user in Denver who ordered pizza and not only did the Papa John’s driver call the police on him, but Papa John’s Pizza supported that action?

Well, here’s a nice twist in the story…

One of its Denver-based rivals, Sexy Pizza, […]

Red Meat (Updated)

Update: Here’s another one — needs some commenting: Don’t legalize marijuana in the name of medicine by John Redman, executive director of Californians for a Drug-Free Youth.

Unfortunately, legalization groups have convinced CMA and other medical societies that the process doesn’t work. They claim that research is stifled because marijuana is illegal. But the evidence […]

Joining Forces

Richard Feldman, President, Independent Firearm Owners Association, Inc. writes in the Huffington Post: Gun Rights & Marijuana Reform — Issues Joined!

As President of the Independent Firearm Owners Association (IFOA), I believe the time has come for activists across the political spectrum to join forces with marijuana reform campaigns in order to protect our civil […]

The right jobs

While the government shuts down dispensaries and undermines every effort to have legitimate jobs in the medical marijuana industry thereby driving medical marijuana users to criminals for supply, the Drug Czar and Joe Biden travel to Philadelphia to assure police officers that there will be more jobs for them to fight the drug war.

Through […]

Despite decades of propaganda, and multiple government agencies and corporate interests actively opposing it….

… 50 percent of Americans favor legalizing marijuana use. Gallup Poll.

That’s because of us.


A good read at the UKCIA News Blog: Stupid, scared of the Daily Mail or corrupt?

Drug law reform activists have a problem, quite a serious problem. One of the assumptions UKCIA was based on, and more importantly groups such as Transform, is that governments make policy based on fact and evidence. Therefore, the logic […]

Open Thread

California Medical Assn. calls for legalization of marijuana

The group acknowledges some health risk associated with marijuana use and proposes that it be regulated along the lines of alcohol and tobacco. But it says the consequences of criminalization outweigh the hazards.

Lyman says current laws have “proven to be a failed public health policy.” […]

Today’s fact-free enablers – David W Freeman and Monica DyBuncio of CBS News

Once again, lazy press lap up the Drug Czar’s deceitful offerings and present them as scary facts.

Drugged driving report shows high toll among young

But a new report Kerlihowske [sic] pointed to includes a stark and surprising fact: In 2009, 3,952 drivers fatally injured in car crashes tested positive for drugs. That represents 18 […]

Pot Politics

Rand reconsiders pot-shop study after L.A. city attorney complains – L.A. Times

RAND Removes Its Own Pro-Marijuana Dispensary Study – Toke of the Town

That’s right – this is the study that RAND put together showing that crime went up in areas after dispensaries were closed, countering the nonsensical hype that dispensaries were “crime-magnets.”

It […]

DEA involved in plot to assassinate Saudi Ambassador (Updated)

The title of this post is probably truer than most of the other coverage of this bizarre incident that you’ll see elsewhere.

What you’re probably going to hear is that Iranian terrorists were paying a Mexican Drug Trafficking Organization to assassinate the Saudi Ambassador, among other things.

The convoluted story is probably much different. As […]