The right jobs

While the government shuts down dispensaries and undermines every effort to have legitimate jobs in the medical marijuana industry thereby driving medical marijuana users to criminals for supply, the Drug Czar and Joe Biden travel to Philadelphia to assure police officers that there will be more jobs for them to fight the drug war.

Through the American Jobs Act, $5 billion would support the hiring and retention of public safety personnel. By supporting such jobs, the proposed investments aim to keep communities safe from drugs and crime and able to maintain critical emergency response capabilities.

Winners: police and criminals
Losers: American people

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10 Responses to The right jobs

  1. Francis says:

    Any way we could arrange some sort of compromise where the drug warriors nominally keep their jobs and continue drawing a paycheck but just spend their days in the equivalent of New York City teacher “rubber rooms” where they can’t do any damage? Of course, in exchange they’d have to withdraw their opposition to ending the drug war. And yes, it’s pretty sad to think about the fact that paying these people to do nothing would actually represent an improvement and impose a smaller deadweight loss on society.

  2. claygooding says:

    They are going to have a briefing before they let the press in,,to keep any of Phillies finest from asking when the drug bounty money is going to come in.

  3. Paul says:

    Don’t worry. They are running out of money. All the money was actually lost during the boom years, but it is taking awhile to be realized. As the global depression sets in, all the useless projects are going to become a LOT more questionable. The economic collapse is pretty terrible, but it doesn’t mean we can’t have a silver lining or two.

  4. gravyrug says:

    I like Grits For Breakfasts take on federal grants for cops. They’re usually for a limited time, and when they’re done, the city/state/county has an ongoing expense that isn’t supported by federal money anymore. The drug warriors get more cops on the street, AND force local jurisdictions to foot the permanent bill for it.

  5. kaptinemo says:

    With the economy the way it is, the only thing I could think of was “Last hired; first fired.”. Even cops get pink slips. Even cops.

    As Gravyrug pointed out, once the Fed grant money runs out, the locals usually have to foot the bill. (And that grant money was OUR money, which we didn’t ask them to spend on this.) And add to the fact that there will inevitably be lawsuits caused by some of the new hires, and the price goes even higher.

    Meanwhile, how many kids in that district need school lunches, as that’s the only nutrition many of them get? How many are forced to share schoolbooks? That money could have been better spent. A point which our side needs to hammer, hammer, hammer, again and again and again, until it sinks in that what we need is not more cops, but more teachers, doctors, etc.

  6. Dante says:

    Joe Biden is a skid mark.

  7. Voltear says:

    Could Biden be the source of some of the Administration’s stupidest thinking on drug prohibition?

    I unsubscribed from an Obama email list today and note that they give you an email addy with which to tell them why ur leaving. I haven’t read his crap for a long time but it was nice to tell someone there my specific gripe.

  8. DdC says:

    Obombo picked Biden to get him out of the race. He gave Hillary SoS and another
    version of Hillarycare. Not your average legalizers from the start. Why all the confusion over them busting buyers clubs? They work for the prison industrial complex and the corporations in competition with Ganja and Hemp. All the facts and reality we hurl reaches deaf ears, the same as Wall St. The media is 95% owned by 5 corporations, all making big bucks on the Ganjawar. Even if the truth finds someone to listen, they have little control over it being broadcast to the citizens. Until this dung war is seen the same as any other product being sold. From commercials to sales people and employees in Congress and out. The Bidens will lie and make people money and their rights or others become less important. Chase Bank, run by Rockefeller gave the NYPD a $5million donation the day before the protesters were going to Chase Bank. They went around them. The cops are blue collar and pay the same price for the groceries we do. I’d like to see more service workers like cops, firemen and teachers see the light of the drug war and stop being part of the problem. I think it was little Joey who coined the term Drug Czar.

    California Could Opt Out of Controlled Substances Act with Ballot Initiative
    California Could Opt Out of Controlled Substances Act with Ballot Initiative
    Activist Steve Kubby, advocate of the Regulate Marijuana Like Wine initiative, says his team has carefully crafted a revolutionary new voter initiative that will legally allow California to Opt Out of the Controlled Substances Act as a way to fight Obama’s crackdown on medical marijuana dispensaries.

    I don’t see this as a way around the Commerce Ax. 34 or so states opted out of the smoke a joint lose your license scam attached to Highway funds, maybe? The CSA is in no way legislation so why it has lasted over 40 years means mutual agreement. But it is not a Law worthy of America’s Constitution. Just profit and shame.

    Occupy the planet

    Occupy Wall St. exploded to 951 cities around the globe over the weekend. Maybe we’ll see it sooner than we thought, and it won’t have a damn thing to do with the benefits of Ganja or the oppressive and subversive tactics used by narks. All feeding the same beast of the real manipulators perpetuating this police action and the half dozen or so others. Uganda or Bust! So the drug war is a symptom along with affordable housing, health care, living wages and outsourcing jobs. Lying Kochs and Cantors and Bidens pushing their spot in the history books and profits in the ledgers. The bottom line is the bottom line and they’ve crossed it. 99% includes the cops, teabags and stoners. There is a much larger problem than policing profits caging vice offenders. Now back to our regularly scheduled dose of reality. This was pulled out of a hat. Many copshops got funded from part of Obombo’s job plan, not just Biden the Jerkoff. The RAVE Ax is still a tack on to the Amber Alert hysteria. Still detering Free Speech. The goal of the 1% is clear. To gut states and local communities of funds and incomes. So it is important for consumers to shop local and small business as much as possible. Keep it local and it is spent locally. Buy Hemp clothing and it doesn’t do harm as the pesticides sprayed on cotton. In the bible belt. Stop feeding the beast our kids supper! Shutting down the CSA should be Americans top priority. For the economy alone, if common decency and humane treatment is beyond their comprehension. Impeach Biden as a RAVE phoebic lunatic!

    Joe RAVE Ax Biden
    According to the report, ecstasy users risk suffering the effects of early decline in mental function and memory, or Alzheimer-type symptoms. The report was released just weeks after scientists at Johns Hopkins University retracted their research findings that suggested that a single evening’s use of ecstasy could cause permanent brain damage and Parkinson’s disease. The scientists admitted that they utilized the wrong drug in their studies. The UN report makes no mention of the retracted studies.

    Drug labelling error forces retraction… After RAVE Ax Passes
    A prestigious scientific journal is retracting a study about the effects of the drug Ecstasy on the brain because the animals used in the research were given a different drug. The researchers blamed the error on a labelling mix-up.
    Johns Hopkins scientists find new error involving vial mislabeled in the first experiment. Scientists at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine have retracted a second study linking the drug Ecstasy to a certain type of brain damage because once again the wrong drug was given to lab animals.

    What the WHO doesn’t want you to know about cannabis
    Health officials in Geneva have suppressed the publication of a politically sensitive analysis that confirms what ageing hippies have known for decades: cannabis is safer than alcohol or tobacco.

    The Rave Act stops NORML benefit concert
    Well, you may or have not heard by now but the Rave Act has hit very close to home. On the 30th of May the Billings chapter of Montana NORML/SSDP had organized a highly publicized and expensive benefit concert featuring a number of local acts, the proceeds from which would have gone to help the medical marijuana campaign in Montana in 2004. Unfortunately, not only did my probation officer arrest me the day before, but the DEA came and shut things down the day of. The reason being of course that due to the RAVE Act anyone caught on the premisis with marijuana would automatically subjects our generous venue to a fine of $250,000.

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