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July 2011



Buying respect with stolen money

John Payne, at Americans for Forfeiture Reform, has an interesting piece titled Bizarro Robin Hood

We’ve talked here at length about the corrupting influence of asset forfeiture, and it is my belief that it is inherently wrong for any agency (especially law enforcement) to profit from the decisions that it makes. At best it creates […]

Peter Hitchens is completely right… in his own mind

We’ve followed Peter Hitchens’ anti-marijuana screeds in the past. This one, for example was a real classic.

Well, apparently the discussion has been continuing and now Peter answers his critics in Resting My Case. It’s a doozy.

I believe myself to be descended from some of the Puritans who were Cromwell’s Ironsides, and I’m […]


Drunk Cop Crashes Truck Pulling DARE Trailer

[h/t Don on Facebook]

Open Thread

NAACP Joins Coalition to End the War on Drugs – E.D. Kain at Forbes does a nice job on the NAACP story.

Really bad advice to parents from police on drugs

Use the Law. The legal system can provide external accountability and motivation. It supersedes (or often supports) a parent’s rules. A […]

I’ve got some indirect criminal contempt for Judge Belvin Perry

Jury nullification is a topic that’s of strong interest to those of us in the drug policy reform movement. A jury of peers is supposed to be the ultimate check on government and has the power to judge both the facts and the law, not be a rubber stamp for the prosecutor. Judges and prosecutors […]

300 acres

Ever wondered what a well-tended 300-acre cannabis plantation looks like? Time has photos.

The DEA’s convoluted and expensive exercises in futility

The DEA is trumpeting its latest triumphs in its “Dateline DEA: Biweekly E-mail Informant,” which I get regularly from them. The big item in this issue has to do with some major successful international operations.

Let’s take a look at one of them.

The DEA arrested Taza Gul Alizai in the Republic of the Maldives […]

Some sanity in Florida

Federal Judge Rules Florida’s Drug Laws Unconstitutional

Hold on. Don’t get too excited. Drugs aren’t suddenly legal in Florida.

A federal judge in Orlando has declared Florida’s strict-liability controlled substances act unconstitutional on the ground that the law could convict an innocent person of drug distribution who unknowingly possessed, transported or delivered a controlled […]

8 years

So… it was eight years ago today that I dipped my toe in the waters of blogging with my first post at

I really wasn’t sure about this whole “blogging” thing at the time, but I wanted another way to express my concerns about the drug war beyond what the 200-words-every-30-day policy of the […]

NAACP adopts historic resolution to end the War on Drugs


Daily Caller

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) passed a resolution Tuesday calling for an end to the “War on Drugs” during their 102th NAACP Annual Convention in Los Angeles, CA.

“Today the NAACP has taken a major step towards equity, justice and effective law enforcement,” said NAACP president and […]