300 acres

Ever wondered what a well-tended 300-acre cannabis plantation looks like? Time has photos.

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  1. Richie says:

    El Dorado!

  2. vickyvampire says:

    Nice Pics beautiful green Cannabis carpet,I could camp near by and stay for a good while and romp Nude through that luscious pot grow,Oh I sound like a Happy Hippie,Actually I’m more goth I now on second thought,I’ll WEAR BLACK clothes and put my vampire fangs in. Happy Cannabis Dreams Everyone.

  3. greg says:

    Forget the weed, I want one of those outdoor, open-air toilets they gave their workers!

  4. malcolm kyle says:

    I’ve seen the future; it’s green and smelly!

    Oil companies have started adding heroin to their motor oil, so Manitoba border personnel have received a new orders directing them to pay special attention to bingo-playing, little old ladies carrying cans of suspicious dark liquid.


  5. Maria says:

    That is frackin impressive. I would love to know their irrigation techniques because those plants look damned healthy for such an arid climate.

    Also, I love how they say it was “hidden”. I’m sure if I knew the nearest town we could see it on google earth.

  6. Duncan20903 says:

    Goddammit Jorge, I thought you sent in la mordida?

    What are you talking about Jesus, that was your job this month!

  7. thelbert says:

    san quintin, baja calif.

  8. Duncan20903 says:

    Well speaking of clandestine cannabis farms, what about this? (please be sitting down) It looks like CAMP’s last year to set the all time record for cannabis “eradication.”

    A really good rule of thumb: if you don’t like Jerry Brown’s political beliefs just wait 15 minutes. Oh well, he’s on my good side for now.

    But this may be CAMP’s last summer. The state budget signed by Gov. Jerry Brown last month eliminates its financing as part of the widespread cuts to programs in law enforcement, courts and social services.


    • darkcycle says:

      Woo-Hoo! The CAMP cops should have no problem securing high paying jobs. With all that experience pulling weeds, they should be shoe-ins as landscapers. And as migrant workers, with those helicopters, they could fly in, pick the strawberries and fly back out again. They could even wear all their webgear and vests and pretend they were back in the “good ole’ days”.
      Seriously, if this means an end to the eradication flights, that’s news with implications. Up my way, the unmarked white helicopter with the giant FLIR pod and cameras disappeared from it’s not-so-secret location last winter…hmmmm…

      • Duncan20903 says:

        I just had a rather nauseating thought. I wonder, just how hard it would be for Mr. Brown to talk the Feds into footing the cost so that CAMP won’t fail and forcing all of (cannabinoids)our doctors, school bus drivers, locksmiths, fork lift operators and police officers will be forced to try merrywanna, and you know what that means. The entire country will be running amuck, stoned on merrywanna and so everyone that’s stoned crashes the car that they’re driving while impaired. Since that’s everyone including the children, we’ll all be dead because this new law .

        Haven’t you figured out yet that Merrywanna is the scourge of polite company? It would be a serious faux pas to re-legalize cannabis, as well as fatal to all human life.
        Are you sure that helicopter you mentioned doesn’t have a cloaking device?

      • darkcycle says:

        Duncan, they couldn’t even keep it effectively hidden! If they’ve got a cloaking device, we’re all screwed. Now where did I put my deflector array? I’m gonna need that if they’re cloaked….oh yeah…it’s in my desk drawer with the thumbtacks and paperclips…

  9. DdC says:

    Huge pot bust in Northern Calif national forest
    Law enforcement officials said Friday they struck a major blow against illegal marijuana cultivation on public lands in the heart of Northern California pot country. The two-week operation to purge the Mendocino National Forest of illicit pot gardens uprooted 460,000 pot plants and led to more than 100 arrests, U.S. Attorney Melinda Haag said.

  10. I also saw that this happens all over the world, most of all in poor countries where police isn’t interested in solving cases…

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