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November 2010



Happy Thanksgiving

Give thanks for what you have, and remember those families that won’t be together today because of the war on drugs.

I’ll be without wifi for the next few days, so posting will be light.

More drug wars


Ten dead in police operations in Rio shantytowns

At least ten people were killed on Wednesday morning during a series of operations carried out by the Rio police in the city’s shantytowns.

The operations aimed at catching the criminals involved in a crime spree which has been devastating Rio’s metro area since last […]

National Cannabis Industry Association

You can’t put the genie back in the bottle. Cannabis is here to stay. And now, the medical cannabis industry is becoming a major entity.

New York Times

DENVER — It is being called the green rush. With more states moving to legalize medical marijuana, the business of growing and dispensing it is booming, even […]

Fun with profitable stupidity (Updated)

Today’s candidate: Lt. Andrew Hawkes, a 19-year police veteran who has worked in patrol, K9, investigations, narcotics and administration. His book, Secrets of Successful Highway Interdiction, “contains eleven chapters on Highway Drug Interdiction.”

Why does the debate continue over marijuana legalization? at (comments from registered participants only).

People see that there isn’t much upside […]

Distribution of wealth on I-40

Via Grits for Breakfast, everybody’s after a piece of that asset forfeiture pie.

Cashing in: Who benefits most from seized currency?

Perhaps no issue proves more quietly contentious in the local law enforcement community than how the seized currency – about $14.6 million in 5 1/2 years – is divided among agencies hungry for […]

A modern-day Faust?

The Planning Commission in Colorado Springs is not only looking out for the welfare of the citizens, they’re going all out to make sure that Colorado Spring doesn’t sell its soul to the devil.

Apparently this involves making it almost impossible to find a location for a medical marijuana dispensary.

The commission recommended a 1,000-foot […]

Stupid pot thieves

A post that really has very little to do with drug policy (other than perhaps another reminder that with legalization, pot becomes less valuable to steal).

Soldiers: No Sir, We’re Here to Get Rid of the Marijuana

Three soldiers try to rip off a dispensary and manage to get themselves locked inside the dispensary (yet […]

What’s in Your Weed? (Updated)

Update: I received a very nice note from Rose Eveleth, the Editor in Chief of Scienceline:

Just popping in to explain what happened to the post. Scienceline is a project of the NYU School of Journalism’s SHERP program. It’s completely run by the students, and we just had our official changeover from last year’s class […]

Kerli, you’re doing a heck of a job

The Drug Czar’s “blog” is boasting:

Today, California Congresswoman Mary Bono Mack nominated Director Kerlikowske for the 2011 Dr. Nathan Davis Award for Outstanding Government Service, based on his proven leadership in the Nation’s efforts to reduce drug use and its consequences.

Outstanding government service. Really? Maybe it’s because he ended the drug war. Or […]

What we need is an Afghanistan closer to home

Texas Gov. Rick Perry, soon to be the leader of the Republican Governors Association, continued his argument Thursday that the federal government needed to halt their intervention in the private sector and refocus their energy toward securing the border — even if that means sending U.S. troops into Mexico.

While pushing his small government economic […]