Stupid pot thieves

A post that really has very little to do with drug policy (other than perhaps another reminder that with legalization, pot becomes less valuable to steal).

Soldiers: No Sir, We’re Here to Get Rid of the Marijuana

Three soldiers try to rip off a dispensary and manage to get themselves locked inside the dispensary (yet outside the safe holding the marijuana and cash).

While several officers guarded the front, Langlais went around to the back and saw that the door knob had been knocked from the door and was lying on the ground, leaving a large hole.

Through the hole, Langlais said he saw a “dark-colored finger” poking at the dead bolt, which had apparently re-engaged in the door jamb after the break-in.

“I announced ‘Police!’ at which time the finger quickly retracted into the business and I immediately heard at least two voices screaming profanities,” he wrote.

After being arrested, two of the suspects told officers they broke in with the best of intentions: They were going to steal the marijuana not to sell or smoke but to destroy it, Langlais said.


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5 Responses to Stupid pot thieves

  1. Duncan20903 says:

    I’m hard pressed to see these fellows as being bad guys no matter how it looks on it’s face. I believe them. I’ve been actively engaged in cannabis eradication for over 33 years now. I guarantee that well in excess of 100 pounds of cannabis no longer exist because of my personal efforts and dedication to the cause of eradicating cannabis one joint at a time. (Hmm, that line needs updating, I guess it’s four cannabrex capsules at a time nowadays.) My efforts have insured that lots of other people were able to participate as well. Well you can’t eradicate it if you don’t have it to eradicate, now can you?

    I’m also a big fan of the meme that if you can’t lick ’em with logic, baffle them with bullshit. From time to time that was actually my motto when it was convenient, and will be again in the future under those same conditions.

    (Yes DC, my new, standard disclaimer applies, and it’s once again that my post is parody mixed with sarcasm. I’d prefer to get the school teacher’s fat and psycopathic wife to take these fellows out back and thrash them within inches of their lives but seeing as she’ll never have the opportunity I’ll settle for laughing at and ridiculing them in my own strange way. Anger with no resolution possible will just make my brain hurt worse. It already hurts badly enough because of all the morons existing in the world. Yes, seeing these fellows receive a stiff term of years in prison and being cashiered out of the service will help as well but I’m old enough to know that neither is guaranteed.

    So when I go to the grocery store, the nice person that takes my money is dismissing me? Well after thinking it through it is true that on almost every occasion I have in fact left the premises shortly after that commercial intercourse. I just was never before aware that I had been dismissed. But nowadays there are those people who stand by the door and get angry when I refuse to show them my receipt. I have no clue why I’d waste my time after learning that it’s optional by company policy at all stores except Costco, BJs and Sams.

    Oh fiddle faddle, this disclaimer thing is just getting way too involved, sheesh. Maybe I should rethink abandoning parody and readopting flaming as a viable posting strategy.)

  2. claygooding says:

    Same answer as the last post,let’s twist one up and put it to
    the burn test.

  3. Bruce says:

    Haha once at work floor prepping I got locked in a room. Lots of profanities lol as I looked out at my car below in the parking lot with my Coffee and smokes on the dash. My boss had just left. Two hours of nothing getting done. Red face when he returned.

  4. cabdriver says:

    Howard And Kumar Go To Boot Camp

  5. darkcycle says:

    “Harold and Kumar”?

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