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November 2010



Press continues to pretend the Drug Czar has something important to say

The drug czar is once again pushing his ridiculous drugged driving crusade with more meaningless data, and while the press isn’t completely rolling over dead, they’re comatose and the fact that they even print this stupidity is an insult to journalism.

Let’s take a look at CNN. In an article posted by CNN Medical Senior […]

Get ready to ban more things. A new dangerous combination…

OK, now that we’ve decided that banning everything is the way to go, rather than regulating products or educating people, what’s dangerous combinations will we be going after next?

Oh no!!! It’s alcohol and… dessert topping. My God, they’ll get drunk and fat at the same time. We must ban this immediately!!!!

Though the […]

Getting the search warrant after the search

Via Grits for Breakfast, there was an excellent piece at NPR last week about the Richardson family in Clarksville, Texas and their run-in with the drug war: Civil Rights, Judicial Bias Surround Texas Drug Case by Wade Goodwyn.

It’s a bizarre (yet too true) story, including a warrant signed after the house was forcibly entered, […]

Illinois Action Alert

Important news on the medical marijuana front.

SB 1381 is to be called for a vote tomorrow, Tuesday the 30th. Patients & Supporters are at the Capitol lobbying lawmakers right now for the final push.

During this veto session we still only need 60 votes, and there has been a confirmation that Sen. Cullerton can […]

Legalization and Prohibition

Based on the excellent, though occasionally derailed, discussion we were having at Opposing prohibition is not designed to be a simple solution to the drug problem, it appears that it would be good to talk definitions again.

The definitions of “legalization” and “prohibition” are sometimes used as ways to create straw men arguments, by essentially […]

Marijuana war travesties

I am so damned tired of hearing prohibitionists say that nobody goes to jail for marijuana. We all know that’s a lie.

I want to mention one particular area where this particular lie is especially egregious.

Unfortunately, I get letters like this all the time…

The VA Hosp has had me on 60 mg of […]

Apparently Mexico exports some marijuana to the U.S.

Remember during the Prop 19 debate how everyone (ie, RAND) suddenly got bent out of shape when legalizers said that a large percent of Mexican drug criminals’ income came from Marijuana? (even though that number originally came from the government)

They “proved” that the number was some unknown lesser number instead, thereby bizarrely supposedly negating […]

Opposing prohibition is not designed to be a simple solution to the drug problem

It is, however, a simple solution to the drug prohibition problem.

Mark Kleiman has an interesting post: On caffeine-alcohol mixes. Not surprisingly, he’s in favor of a federal ban on such drinks. Also, not surprisingly, I don’t support such a ban. I’m in favor of considering studies, regulating, providing warnings, and providing appropriate limitations to […]

Back home again

It’s good to be back, but I’ll have some catching up to do.

I didn’t get to read all the comments, but scanned a number of them on my phone. Pretty much every time I discovered an article that I thought would make for a good post when I returned… the commenters here had already […]

Open Thread

… because you need a new one and I’m still in wifi hell until tomorrow night.

It’s really too hard for me to do any kind of real posts on my iPhone.

There have been some great conversations in comments. Remember to keep it civil.