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June 2010
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Equine Victims of the Drug War

This was new to me…

The Desert Springs Equestrian Center in Tucson takes in horses used by drug smugglers to pack in heavy bales of marijuana.

After arriving in the U.S., the horses are often abandoned to die in the desert.

Just one more of the many destructive by-products of prohibition.

Desert Springs nurses the […]

Programming Note

Libertarian economist Jeffrey Miron will be the guest on Daniel Williams’ Opium Den tonight at 9 pm eastern.

Programming Note

Gil Kerlikowske, Director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) will be on C-Span’s Washington Journal Thursday morning at 7:30 am EST.

Director Kerlikowske will discuss the National Drug Control Strategy.

Live streaming of the show.

Call in with your questions. They also take viewers questions and comments via e-mail ( and Twitter […]

Outrageous OpEd of the Week

We haven’t had one of these to make fun of for awhile…

Here’s Dakota County Attorney James Backstrom writing at Minnesota Public Radio’s website: Marijuana, America’s most dangerous illegal drug

Here are some lowlights:

Methamphetamine, cocaine and heroin may be America’s most addictive and destructive drugs, but marijuana is the most dangerous illegal drug in […]

ONDCP hires anarchist?

Two new officials were confirmed for posts at the ONDCP: David Mineta as Deputy Director of Demand Reduction, and Benjamin Tucker as Deputy Director of State, Local and Tribal Affairs.

I was doing a little quick checking into these folks and when I googled Benjamin Tucker, I found some fascinating quotes….

To force a […]

NIDA discusses drugged driving

NIDA (National Institute on Drug Abuse) hosted a meeting in March called “Drugged Driving: Future Research Directions” and here is the summary of that meeting.

It’s an interesting read, though frustrating since, while supposedly part of the mandate is to determine the problem’s magnitude, the participants seem to have little interest in that area, and […]

Wisconsin Governor Jim Doyle has contempt for the rule of law

As we’ve known for some time, the Drug Czar Gil Kerlikowske has gotten a real hard-on for promoting drugged driving as some kind of big epidemic, despite the lack of evidence showing it to be a significant problem (particularly compared to drunk driving). In fact, if we didn’t keep a close eye on him, he’d […]

Ethan Nadelmann on O'Reilly

Last night. (Via Meidaite)


Al Martinez: Do we need one more drug to shield us from reality? — L.A. Daily News

I predict that by the end of the year the sale of marijuana will become so common in L.A. that Mom will be able to say, “Timmy, run down to Vons and get me a quart of milk, […]

5,525 pounds

That would be some bonfire.

Nice job by the medical marijuana folks in Illinois to turn this marijuana seizure into an opportunity…

“Depending on its purity, [the seized marijuana] represents a lot of medicine that could have helped so many Illinoisans,” Julie Falco, a North Side woman who uses marijuana to ease the symptoms of […]