5,525 pounds

That would be some bonfire.

Nice job by the medical marijuana folks in Illinois to turn this marijuana seizure into an opportunity…

“Depending on its purity, [the seized marijuana] represents a lot of medicine that could have helped so many Illinoisans,” Julie Falco, a North Side woman who uses marijuana to ease the symptoms of multiple sclerosis told the Chicago Sun-Times.

Lisa Lange, another area woman who uses marijuana for medical purposes, agreed with Falco–and said she would rather see the department take another approach.

“Incinerating it is a waste,” Lange told the Sun-Times. “I would prefer to see it tested and then, if safe, distributed to compassionate care clubs.”

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6 Responses to 5,525 pounds

  1. kant says:

    It would be nice but as far as I understand the bill in illinois it makes it nearly impossible for dispensaries to exist and doesn’t set up state run (or licensed) dispensaries. So, good sentiment but not possible with the current bill.

    Although I admit i’ve only read the early senate version not the house version and it’s changes.

  2. denmark says:

    Gee, we wouldn’t want to do the right thing now would we? Happy to read though that medical marijuana patients are protesting. The more noise that is made, the better chance of being heard.

    The “display” picture of their victory is as disgusting as their incinerate idea.

  3. Chris says:

    Most people don’t go posting pictures publicly when they steal from other people

  4. ray says:

    Linda Lange is a voice of reason….distribute it in compassion clubs…at that time we will be a civilized nation.

  5. PabloKoh says:

    See section 45 of IL SB 1381. It is titled “Medical Cannabis Organizations.” It has all the details of the dispensaries.

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