Programming Note

Gil Kerlikowske, Director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) will be on C-Span’s Washington Journal Thursday morning at 7:30 am EST.

Director Kerlikowske will discuss the National Drug Control Strategy.

Live streaming of the show.

Call in with your questions. They also take viewers questions and comments via e-mail ( and Twitter (@cspanwj).

[Thanks, Allan]
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8 Responses to Programming Note

  1. sixtyfps says:


    “I want to thank you for joining America Speaking Out. Our country’s strength has always been with the people – the challenges facing our nation today demand creative solutions and your voice is critically important to that policy conversation.

    Today, we are launching a new feature for our active America Speaking Out community. I’d like to invite you to join a video chat with me later today – we’ll be discussing some of the economic policies that have been proposed by the America Speaking Out community.

    The chat will be today at 4:30pm eastern time on Facebook – to join in please go to

    Keep speaking out,

    Congressman Kevin McCarthy”

    …received via email. I guess this is going to be a live stream.

  2. sixtyfps says:

    Over and done with in roughly 25 minutes. They opened up “Q&A” and turned off the video feed within 1 minute.

  3. Cannabis says:

    Here’s the C-SPAN video of Gil Kerlikowske:
    The entire program can be seen at, with Kerlikowske at the 54:25 mark:

  4. Dudeman says:

    Halfway through the Kerlikowske video and the first four callers are drug war skeptics. NICE!

  5. Shap says:

    He got his ass handed to him, I DVR’d it.

  6. allan420 says:

    great to hear Shap, Dudeman! he needs his head handed to him regularly.

  7. Dudeman says:

    OK, finishing it now and there was only one caller that didn’t denounce or exhibit skepticism about the drug war. He was a cop.

  8. claygooding says:

    Although the cop did not denounce the WoD,he did denounce targeting drugs that caused minimal harm and allowing the pharmaceutical drug market,which the drug warriors are supposed to be in complete control of,to grow to such epidemic proportions.
    He never came out and said marijuana,but the thought was in my mind that he was targeting marijuana law enforcement. He is and officer from MA and I believe he said Boston,where they have already decriminalized marijuana with pending legislature concerning legalization.
    His major concern was that since the drug warriors controlled the production of the drugs,how dsid they allow so much over-production of the drugs to supply the black market with them.
    Kerli answered with bullshit and hints at new tactics the “might” work.

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