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January 2010



What feds might do to counter states legalizing pot

We are now in the position where marijuana legalization has been discussed in state legislatures, and California is seriously likely to be voting on legalization this year.

And the federal government, with all it has invested in the drug war, can do little about it. California has the full and absolute right to eliminate any […]


I found this article mildly amusing: Tattoos linked to deviance?

Texas Tech University’s study, which will be published in March in the Social Science Journal, says that people with two or more piercings or tattoos are more prone to deviant behaviour, which includes excess drinking, smoking pot, being promiscuous and being willing to cheat.

Ah, […]

Open Thread

I’ve made a slight advertising change on the site. I was really unhappy with Google ads since the move to the new URL. It seemed that they were feeding the site almost nothing but drug rehab ads, which aren’t of much interest to public policy activists, and the ad revenue dropped by over 60%.

I’ve […]

UNODC promotes human rights abuse

I’ve always been fed up with the United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime as the international arm of the prohibitionist movement. But there’s a deeper concern.

Supposedly, being part of the United Nations, they are bound to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. And Director Costa often talks a good game in speeches […]

Marijuana Initiative likely to be on ballot in California

Supporters turned in more than 700,000 signatures today. That should be sufficient.

Signatures were to be submitted today to elections officials in all 58 California counties, who will then begin the process of validating that those who signed are registered voters. Only about 433,000 valid signatures are needed.

Full text of the initiative after the […]

Open Thread

I’ve been struck with a nasty cold, so I’m going back to bed. Have at it.

SOTU Drinking Game

Take a drink every time President Obama fails to mention the drug war when he talks about something that is affected by the drug war.

Odds and ends

I’d heard it was coming, but that doesn’t make it any better. President Obama officially announced his intent to nominate Michele M. Leonhart, Administrator of Drug Enforcement, Drug Enforcement Administration, Department of Justice.

We had talked about how maybe, just maybe, the DEA might change a little bit after they got the hold-outs from […]

Those Lying Eyes

A very interesting read by Gene Weingarten in the Washington Post: On the jury, Gene Weingarten didn’t believe the D.C. police’s eyes

Weingarten tells of being an alternate on a jury for a small-time drug case. He was convinced the suspect was guilty. So was the other alternate. So, apparently, were most if not all […]

Jailed for possession of candy

Via The Agitator…

In the New York Post: Two Bronx men free after ‘drugs’ turn out to be candy

Two Bronx men were locked up and left to rot in a filthy jail cell for nearly a week after a pair of cops mistook their candy for a bag of crack.

The “drugs” were finally […]