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2009 – turning the page

With this year just about over, what do we have to show for it? It’s certainly been an interesting year for drug policy reform, and I’d say one possibly our best in terms of progress made in the most important … Continue reading

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Righting wrongs

The New York Times came out with a very strong, even harsh, editorial last week that’s worth noting. Righting a Wrong, Much Too Late Public health advocates held an understandably muted celebration when President Obama signed a bill repealing a … Continue reading

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Curious domain battle

This is probably of little significance, but I found it interesting. Altria Group, the parent company of tobacco company Philip Morris USA, has filed an arbitration proceeding to get the domain names and Is the company getting ready … Continue reading

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Why are they so afraid?

Despite great gains in so many ways, every now and then, we run into the fear, the… taboo of even including factual representations of drugs or drug policy. Recently, there were two prime examples. 1. Chased. Chase conducted an online … Continue reading

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And here, for your enjoyment, two people try to win the award for the most creative way to completely destroy the definition of something. 1. Mary Grabar over at Pajamas Media attempts to re-define libertarianism. Libertarians Need to Rethink Support … Continue reading

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Wall Street Journal – drug war unwinnable, consider legalization

I’m still in WiFi wasteland, and I’m not that agile blogging from my iPhone, but I didn’t want to wait til tomorrow to pass on this great article in the WSJ: Saving Mexico by David Luhnow. Just go and read … Continue reading

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Open Thread

… because you might as well chat while hanging out on Pete’s couch.

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Advice for the Holidays

It’s the time of year for family, and carols, and eating, and football on widescreen, and a whole lot more. I’m spending the week on the road — currently with my Mom in Indianola Iowa, and later with my Dad … Continue reading

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Green Mayor

Seattle: The ‘green’ mayor? McGinn wants to legalize pot and tax it, too McGinn asked for the public’s help identifying the issues he should tackle as mayor. Topping the list was light rail expansion. The second slot went to legalizing … Continue reading

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Telling the story

An interesting thing happened in the killing of Arturo Beltrán Leyva (one of Mexico’s drug lords), and it had nothing to do with him. It had to do with how his death was reported. Here is the story by Elisabeth … Continue reading

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