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Excellent Tom Barnidge Column

Barnidge: If government doesn’t control marijuana, criminals will This is an outstanding column by Tom Barnidge that will be running in a number of California papers tomorrow. It features a number of LEAP members, and details a host of reasons … Continue reading

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Open Thread

Marijuana in the classroom? Sometimes it’s legal — Interesting article at Christian Science Monitor is surprisingly well-balanced, even noting that this is nothing new — kids have been doing worse drugs (Ritalin) at school. Marijuana and the Massachusetts Senate Race … Continue reading

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Safer calls for boycott (updated)

SaferChoice (“Marijuana is safer than alcohol, it’s time we treat it that way”) is upset about the companies who are sponsoring the drug war enforcement organizations in Colorado who have been actively lobbying against marijuana law reform, and so Safer … Continue reading

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Cheech and Chong on FOX News

This is pretty wild. Check out the video over at Raw Story: Gretchen Carlson defends Republicans’ right to smoke pot Clearly the comedy duo are on a publicity tour for their new comedy show and they’re doing every TV show … Continue reading

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