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August 2009



Drug Crazy now available to read online

Mike Gray’s excellent book “Drug Crazy: How We Got Into this Mess and How We Can Get Out” is now available to read online for free at

[Via David Borden]

Reefer Madness encouraged at New York Times Book Review

With an bizarrely titled review of Julie Myerson’s book “The Lost Child: A Mother’s Story,” Dominique Browning descends into the depths of the real Reefer Madness herself.

Browning tells us that the book shows how the author

…was finally forced to throw her eldest son out of the house — and change the locks — […]

Why are the nortenos so afraid?

Take it with a grain of salt — this is one person’s story of reactions in one bar in Tijuana, but I thought it was an interesting take at Narco News on the recent decriminalization law in Mexico.

When I talk with the Fiesta Bar patrons about Mexico’s recent legalization of drugs, they laugh uproariously […]

Open Thread

Barrett Brown notices that some conservatives (like the Weekly Standard), who have been fans of drug prohibition, have suddenly come to the conclusion that people should own their own bodies.

Since the terrible bloodletting of the Civil War, and now excepting military service, ownership of one’s body is a matter between the individual and […]

James Roberts mans the barricades

Last week, I wrote about the excellent discussion on the war on drugs going on over at Cato Unbound. I’m pleased to see that discussion has recently been picked up by El Paso’s Newspaper Tree.

Remember the Heritage Foundation “economist” that I talked about last time — James Roberts? Well, he returned with a new […]

Be careful what music you listen to and what you eat when you’re in the forest, amigo.


Michael Skinner, a law enforcement officer with the U.S. Forest Service in Colorado, said warning signs of possible drug trafficking include “tortilla packaging, beer cans, Spam, Tuna, Tecate beer cans,” and campers who play Spanish music. He said the warning includes people speaking Spanish.

What’s next, warnings to hike out quickly and call police […]


I was raised in the church and studied the Bible extensively. So this kind of thing really pisses me off.

Legalization of drugs leaves addicts helpless, priests in Argentina warn

While the priests acknowledged “the good intentions of those who do not want addicts to be criminalized,” they warned that in the case of the […]

Drug Czar News

After Monday’s roundtable in Fort Wayne, Indiana, Drug Czar Kerlikowske will continue through the midwest.

St. Louis, MO, Tuesday morning

On Tuesday (Sept. 1) at St. Louis City Hall, Kerlikowske will unveil a new, national meth advertising and prevention blitz. […] Next Tuesday’s event begins at 10 a.m. in the City Hall rotunda.

Southern […]

Tonight Show explains Mexican decrim law

Conan has a little fun with it [via Philadelphia Will Do]

Random thought. If we could harness all the people who cheer whenever drugs are mentioned in a late night talk show or stand-up comedy, we’d have quite a drug policy reform movement.

[Note: Sorry to non-U.S. readers. I know that Hulu tends not […]

The Depths of Reporting

The Associated Press reaches a new low with this one: Mexico’s new drug use law worries US police

Mexico now has one of the world’s most liberal laws for drug users after eliminating jail time for small amounts of marijuana, cocaine and even heroin, LSD and methamphetamine.

Really? One of the world’s most liberal laws […]