Drug Crazy now available to read online

drugcrazyMike Gray’s excellent book “Drug Crazy: How We Got Into this Mess and How We Can Get Out” is now available to read online for free at Libertary.com

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  1. permanentilt says:


    I can definitively say this book changed my entire perception of marijuana. Before I read it I was a stoner, smoking pot every day, but I still believed that it should remain illegal. I still had a prohibitionist attitude, “legalization would send the wrong message” “some people shouldn’t smoke pot” (how fucking egotistical I was) “it would compound problems with alcohol” blah, blah, blah. Then I was in a bookstore and started reading this book. I sat there all day and read it cover to cover, without buying it (lol I was a broke college student).

    Ever since that day I have not only been pro-legalization but an activist, constantly yammering on to my friends incessantly about how incredibly stupid we are as a society for prohibition of marijuana.

    Best book on marijuana ever by far!

  2. I absolutely love the book. Gray is a great writer.

    I also find it to be a great companion to “The Economics of Prohibition” by Mark Thornton. Thornton does an extra job by explaining the roots of the 1920-1933 alcohol prohibition in the 1800’s government intervention. And that book can also be found online:


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